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divine, inc. have available the latest version of divine MindAlign a solution providing a real-time, persistent channel for business communication. In addition to adding new features and functionality the new version runs within leading portal platforms and enables companies to extend secure real-time collaboration to their entire business community, divine MindAlign enables dynamic collaboration across the enterprise and with customers and business partners,

The solution provides:

* Presence awareness, providing an at-a-glance snapshot of who is online, offline, or away from their desk as well as the ability for users to create customised messages about their whereabouts'.

* Rich content and data sharing, enabling users to post documents, live URLS, and alerts.

* Content filtering that alerts users when someone is communicating about a topic that is important to them. Users can create filters based on keyword criteria such as project names, client names, or specific events.

* Instant message history, a persistent display of the most recent messages within a channel to provide users with instant context when they log in.

* BackChat search tool that lets users search archived content by date...

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