Drivers can fill cars with exact amount of fuel by pressing 'game changing' button; One person said: 'Wait. You mean no more £20.01???'.

Byline: By, Courtney Pochin & Chantelle Heeds

Fuel prices are continuing to rise across the UK. For this reason, motorists are getting much less for their money when it comes to filling up their car.

Amid the cost of living crisis, it may be that households decide to dedicate a set amount to be spend on fuel. but we all know how easy is it is go over the desired amount when using a petrol pump.

But a TikTok hack that has gone viral may be the answer to stop this from happening. One user has shared a little-known petrol pump trick that could save you money and time and it just takes the simple push of a button.

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A 23-year-old who posts under @livticks shared her shock after discovering a preset button when she was filling up her car, the Mirror reports. Filming the petrol pump, she explained: "How did I never know this existed!

"If you click this button two times ten for £20. It will stop itself at exactly £20. Wow! That's so cool."

The footage shows the cost of the fuel rising on the screen, but it comes to a half when it reaches £20 exactly. She then showed a close-up of the preset section on the bottom-right-hand side of the pump. It features five buttons of different price and litre options and an...

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