Publication Date20 March 2020
Date20 March 2020
AuthorXiong Fei Cao,Sohail Chaudhry,Li Da Xu
SubjectLibrary & information science,Librarianship/library management,Library technology,Information behaviour & retrieval,Information user studies,Metadata,Information & knowledge management,Information & communications technology,Internet
Internet of things (IoT) in information management
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that has been introduced in recent years to describe
objects that can communicate via the Internet. IoT is an emerging Internet-based information
architecture that can be employed to facilitate information flow in global information
networks. With the assumption that objects have digital functionality and can be identified
and tracked automatically (Li et al., 2018;Xu et al., 2014), IoT can dramatically streamline how
the information will be managed. The significance of IoT to information management
including integrated library systems and networking, security, automation systems,
architecture and technology, based on IoT, has been emphasized. As IoT is creating an
impact on the global information networks, many new opportunities in applying IoT to
information management can be foreseen in the near future.
In this evolving process, IoT and their related supporting platforms have to be rapidly
formed and designed in order to meet different demands. There are many research issues
needed to be addressed. The purpose of this special issue is to report on the state-of-the-art
and emerging trends in the research and practice of IoT in information management. It
provides a premier forum for researchers to present research results in all areas related to
architecture, design, implementation, application and evaluation of IoT as it is permeating
and integrating into information management environment and daily life.
The first group of articles introduces IoT and its application in libraries. The first article,
Shammar and Zahary (2020), entitled The Internet of Things (IoT): a survey of techniques,
operating systems, and trendsprovides the up-to-date literature on trends of IoT research,
which is driven by the need for convergence of several interdisciplinary technologies and new
applications. In the article entitled Internet of Things and its applications in libraries: a
literature review,Liang (2020) provides an overview of IoT application in libraries. The
findings of this study contribute to the research on IoT and its role in library management.
Liang and Chen, Y. (2020) in their article entitled Libraries in Internet of Things (IoT) Era
discuss the application of IoT in libraries and the potential in the betterment of library
CPSs (cyber physics systems) are systems of collaborating computational entities that are
in intensive connections with the surrounding physical world and its on-going processes.
Furthermore, these systems provide and use data-accessing and data-processing services
available on the Internet to achieve the ends mentioned above (Xu et al., 2018). The second
group of articles introduces CPSs and their applications in libraries. In the article entitled
Theoretical Foundations and Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Literature
Review,Zhang et al. (2020) review 70 papers on theoretical foundations and applications
of CPSs from 2017 to 2019 in the academic databases aiming to provide scholars and
practitioners with a comprehensive overview, including CPS applications in library. In the
article entitled Cyber Physics System: A Review,Jiang et al. (2020a) discuss the challenges
of CPS as well as the directions for future studies on CPS. The article entitled The
Application of CPS in Library Management: A SurveyLiang and Chen, H. (2020) present the
current state research of CPS and its application in libraries. The vision and challenge of
smart libraries are also discussed.
The third group of articles discusses IoT and selected applications that are related to
libraries. In the article entitled Internet of Things Applications in Public Safety
Management: A Survey,Ma et al. (2020a) consider IoT as an emerging network
technology and industrial mode that has great application prospects. With the
Library Hi Tech
Vol. 38 No. 1, 2020
pp. 1-3
© Emerald Publishing Limited
DOI 10.1108/LHT-03-2020-278

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