Date01 December 2020
AuthorMark Halsey,Andrew Goldsmith
Publication Date01 December 2020
Andrew Goldsmith
Co-editor, ANZ Journal of Criminology
Mark Halsey
Co-editor, ANZ Journal of Criminology
This is the last issue under the current journal title. From 2021, the journal will be
published as the Journal of Criminology.
Building on the distinguished 52-year tradition of the Australian and New Zealand
Journal of Criminology, the Journal of Criminology aims to provide a home for empir-
ically based as well as “blue sky” thinking on matters of significant new, emerging or
current criminological interest. While continuing to operate as a publication outlet for
the best of Australian and New Zealand criminology, the Journal of Criminology aims to
publish work of the highest quality from around the globe. Such work will:
Pose and/or test an original criminological theory or idea
Apply new concepts or perspectives from different disciplines to contemporary or
emerging criminological problems
Engage critically and creatively with policy and practice challenges in key criminal
justice domains (policing, courts, corrections, victims)
Examine innovations in crime prevention, diversion, restitution and restoration
More will be said in the first issue of 2021 regarding the reasons for the name change
and aspirations for the Journal’s future. The composition of the new Editorial Board
and list of Associate Editors will also be revealed in that issue.
Australian & New Zealand Journal of
2020, Vol. 53(4) 459
!The Author(s) 2020
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DOI: 10.1177/0004865820973465

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