Editorial Comment and Acknowledgements

AuthorGeorge Dick - Ritchie McNeil - Jack Jones
PositionManaging Editors 2018/19 (into 2019-20)
Editorial Comment and Acknowledgements
The Dundee Student Law Review has continued to grow since its formation in 2014. This year has
been no exception, with more submissions received than ever before, with a grand total of 28
submissions. We have also had submissions from far further afield, including Hong Kong, Nigeria
and Italy, alongside the submissions from Dundee students.
We have also had more editors than ever before apply to be on the editorial board. Consequently, it
was decided that we would greatly increase the size of the editorial board in order to allow as many
editors to serve as we could, and these new recruits certainly have not disappointed. We hope that
many of them, alongside veteran editors, continue to serve throughout their studies at Dundee.
This has also been a challenging year in many respects. It was decided that the DSLR would
attempt to publish 2 issues again this year, but we found the strain to be too much, especially with
an unfortunate lack of fully edited and completed pieces to fill both volumes, alongside delays at
various crucial stages. To get around this, we elected to publish both issues at the same time to save
any future hassle. It is likely that the DSLR will revert back to a one issue system for the coming
years, however the trial certainly provided many insights to those involved.
On the bright side, however, is that the quality of the pieces published this year is as good as ever!
George Beaton, who is the recipient of the Anderson Strathern Prize this year, in his article
discusses whether mere incompetence can lead to a breach of fiduciary duties. Francesco Cavinato
and Federica Casano have provided a fantastic paper on AI and its place in the legal domain. Ko
Tsun Kiu and Lam Wan Shus paper calls into question whether ‘veil piercing’ is truly a doctrine of
company law. Finally, Robert Shiels’ paper concerns a historical study into the investigations of
suicides in Scotland during the Victorian and Edwardian era.
There are many people and groups that the managing editors want to thank for their assistance this
year. The first is the editorial board for their continued exemplary efforts in editing pieces this year.
Without you, none of this would be possible at all, and we wish those leaving the editorial board the
best in their future endeavours.
We also want to thank our anonymous peer reviewers for their exceptional insights in reviewing
pieces. We greatly appreciate you all taking the time out of your busy schedules to look over pieces
and pass on your excellent comments.
We also want to thank Dundee University Law Society, Dundee Mooting Society and Dundee Law
School for helping promote the journal to the student body throughout the year, and we hope you
continue to do so for years to come!
Finally, we want to thank the public for their continued support over the year, whether through
submitting a piece, reading our articles or just sharing our posts. We are grateful for all these forms
of support, and we hope you continue supporting the DSLR in the future.
We hope you enjoy Volume V, and perhaps consider submitting your own work to the DSLR!
George Dick, Ritchie McNeil and Jack Jones
- Managing Editors 2018/19 (into 2019/20)

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