Editors’ Introduction

Date01 December 2021
Published date01 December 2021
Subject MatterEditors’ Introduction
International Journal
2021, Vol. 76(4) 493
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DOI: 10.1177/00207020221084750
This issue, the last of 2021, features ve scholarly essays. Adam Lachica explores
South Koreas response to disasters, making the case that these policies highlight the
countrys role as a middle power. South Korea, Lachica argues, has leveraged disaster
response to burnish its credentials as a good international citizen. In the second
scholarly essay, Palak Singh and Gopal Krishan Parihar explore the tensions between
two political philosophies universalism and particularism using responses to the
current COVID-19 crisis to illustrate the fault lines of debate.
The next three essays consider pressing issues in Canadian security policy today.
Alex Wilner, Harrison Luce, Eva Ouellet, Olivia Williams, and Nelson Costa explore
the intersections between cybersecurity and the Canadian healthcare sector, drawing on
a series of international case studies to consider the challenges ahead. Nicole Jackson
turns our attention to foreign disinformation. Jackson underscores how difculty
dening disinformation has given rise to a fragmented Canadian policy in response.
Then, in the nal essay of this issue, Adam MacDonald and Carter Vance survey the
possible policy stances Canada might adopt with respect to the Indo-Pacic region.
Rather than offer a policy prescription, MacDonald and Vance instead call for a
systematic review of the possible options.
In this issues policy brief, Kevin Budning, Alex Wilner, and Guillaume Cote
consider the opportunities and limitations for the Canadian Armed Forces with respect
to the acquisition of space-based technologies.
Seven book reviews round out this issue. These include Jennifer Welshs review of
The New Twenty YearsCrisis: A Critique of International Relations by Philip Cunliffe
and Wesley Wark on Stephanie CarvinsStand on Guard: Reassessing Threats to
Canadas National Security.
This issue marks the last for a member of our editorial team. Brendan Kelly will be
replaced as book review editor by Caroline Dunton. On behalf of the entire IJ team, we
want to thank Brendan for his hard work and service.
Susan Colbourn
Email: susan.colbourn@duke.edu
W. Andy Knight
Email: knight@ualberta.ca

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