Editors’ Note

Published date01 March 2020
Date01 March 2020
Editors’ Note
Dear Readers,
In this issue of the Federal Law Review we inaugurate the ‘In Focus’ feature, in which a handful of
articles centring on a given theme appear together. This new feature will also include brief
commentaries appearing in subsequent issues and responding thoughtfully to the initial articles.
The In Focus format allows the FLR’s authors and readers to engage each other in sustained
dialogue on vital topics in public law.
In keeping with our longstanding international presence (even our first issues, in 1964–65, had
comparative articles), authors and commentators will often be based outside of Australia. In this
way the FLR will continue to be a platform for Australian and international authors to inform each
other on topics that transcend any single jurisdiction. Our aim is thus to deepen and internationalise
Australian public law debates, but also to insert distinctive Australian perspectives into those
The present issue commences two In Focus dialogues: one on important developments in
constitutional proportionality testing (with papers by Rosalind Dixon and Adrienne Stone), and
the other on interpretation in public law (with papers by James Allan, Scott Stephenson and Jules
General Editor Ron Levy; Academic Editors Jelena Gligorijevic, Jonathan Liljeblad and
Amelia Simpson
Federal Law Review
2020, Vol. 48(1) 3
ªThe Author(s) 2019
Article reuse guidelines:
DOI: 10.1177/0067205X19890442

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