Editor’s Note on the ECBA

Date01 June 2018
Publication Date01 June 2018
SubjectAnalysis and Opinion
Editor’s Note on the ECBA
The European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA
) is together with the European Criminal Law
Academic Network (ECLAN) the co-patron of the New Journal of European Criminal Law
Today the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) represents over 40 different European
countries including all European Union (EU) Member States. Membership comprises individual
defence practitioners and national defence associations. The ECBA’s aim is to promote the fun-
damental rights of individuals under investigation, suspects, accused and convicted persons, not
only in theory but also in the daily practice in criminal proceedings throughout Europe. In 2016, a
sub-association, the European Fraud and Compliance Lawyers (www.efcl.eu), was founded.
Through its conferences, committees, working-groups, website and newslett ers, the ECBA
provides a forum to access up-to-date information on legal developments. Through the work of
its board, the Human Rights Committee, the Committee on EU Legislation and all members the
ECBA actively seek to shape future legislation with a view to ensuring that the rights of all persons
affected by criminal proceedings are enhanced in practice. The networking created by individual
and collective membership enables members establish one-to-one contact with practitioners in
other Member States both with a view to the exchange of information in general and to practical
cooperation in specific cases. This experience and more particularly the knowledge of comparative
law it produces shapes and informs the submissions the ECBA’s submissions to lawmakers and
ensures that those submissions come directly from experience and carry no little weight.
The ECBA was a member of the EU Justice Forum and participates in several EU projects (e.g.
training events for defence lawyers jointly with Europa¨ische Rechtsakademie (Euro pean Law
Academy) (ERA) and European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA); networking/legal aid;
letter of rights; pre-trial emergency defence; European Arrest Warrant; translation and interpreta-
tion; SUPRALAT; rights of children). Members have regularly been invited to EU experts’
meetings and are frequently consulted by EU institutions on criminal law issues. The ECBA has
established constructive relations with the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe
(www.ccbe.eu) and other European organizations. Further information on the ECBA can be found
on the ECBA website: www.ecba.org.
For the purpose of the new Road Map, discussed in the text which now follows, the following
persons may be contacted:
ECBA Executive Committee/Board
Vincent Asselineau vincent@asselineau-avocats.com
Vania Costa-Ramos vaniacostaramos@carlospintodeabreu.com
1. Represented by its President, Vincent Asselineau, Avocat, Paris, France.
New Journal of European Criminal Law
2018, Vol. 9(2) 182–183
ªThe Author(s) 2018
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/2032284418778973

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