Education (Wales) Act 2014

Citation2014 anaw 5
(1) This Part gives an overview of the content of this Act.the reform of the General Teaching Council for Wales and its renaming as the Education Workforce Council;the registration of certain persons who educate children and young people;the obligation of registered persons to comply with a code specifying the standards of professional conduct and practice;the action that can be taken against a registered person;the sharing of information about registered persons.the fixing of term and holiday dates for schools in Wales;the times of school sessions;the appointment of persons to Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education in Wales;education functions of local authorities which, by virtue of section 25 or 26 of the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013, are to be treated for all purposes as exercisable by persons directed by the Welsh Ministers.(4) Part 4 makes general provision in relation to the Act.(5) An index of the defined words and expressions used in this Act is provided in Schedule to continue to exist, butis to change its name to (and now be known as) the “Education Workforce Council” (in this Act referred to as “the Council”) .(2) Schedule 1 (which makes provision about the constitution and powers of the Council) has effect.(a) to contribute to improving the standards of teaching and the quality of learning in Wales, and(b) to maintain and improve standards of professional conduct amongst teachers and persons who support teaching and learning in provide advice on matters related to the persons which it regulates and teaching and learning in accordance with section 7;to undertake activities to promote careers in registrable professions in accordance with section 8;to establish and maintain a register in accordance with section 9;to keep itself informed about the induction of persons in

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