Egham Inclosure Act 1814

Publication Date:January 01, 1814
Egham Inclosure Act 1814

(54 Geo. 3) c. cliii

An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Egham, in the County of Surrey.

[17th June 1814]

ANNO QUINQUAGESIMO QUARTO GEORGII III. REGIS. Cap. 153. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish ot Egham, in the County of Surrey. [17th June 1814.] W HEREAS there are within the Parish of Egham, in the County of Surrey, divers Open Fields, Open Meadows, Lammas Lands, Commons, and Waste Grounds: And whereas the King's most Excellent Majesty, in right of his Crown, is Lord of the Manor of Egham aforesaid, and as such is entitled to the Right of Soil of such of the said Commons and .Waste Lands as are situate within the said Manor, subject to a Lease granted of the same to the Right Honourable William Earl Harcourt, in Trust for the King's most Excellent Majesty : And whereas the Master, Fellows, and Scholars of the College of Saint John the Evangelist, in the University of Cambridge, are Lords of the Manor of Broomhall, which is partly situate within the said Parish of Egham, and as such are entitled to the Right of Soil of such of the' said Commons and Waste Lands as are situate1 within the said Manor : And whereas George Simon Harcourt Esquire, an Infant, is seised of the Manor of Ankerwyke Purnish, within the said Parish of Egham, and in respect thereof claims to be entitled to the Soil of all the Waste Lands within the said Manor of Ankerwyke Purnish: And1 whereas the King's most Excellent Majesty, the said Master, Fellows, and Scholars, the President and Scholars of Corpus Christi College in the University of Oxford, the Right Honourable Viscount Bulkeley, the Right Honourable Viscount Ashbrook, Sir William Blackett Baronet,' Sir Henry Tempest Baronet, William Henry Fremantle, Culling Charles Smith, Esquires, and divers other Persons^ are ihe Owners ah'd'Prbp'rietors of the several Messuages, Lands, and Tenements within-the''said'Parish, and as such are respectively entitled to Rights of Common' and other1 [Loc, & Per.~] 31 M Interests 2806 54'GEORGII III. Cap. 153. Interests in, upon, and over the said Commons and Waste Grounds: And whereas an Act was passed in the Forty-first Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, intituled An Act for consolidating in one Act certain Provisions usually inserted in Acts of Inclosure, and for facilitating the Mode of proving the several Facts usually required on the passing of such Acts: And whereas the Lands and Grounds of the respective Proprietors in the said Open Fields, Open Meadows, and Lammas Lands, lie intermixed and dispersed, and are at present very inconveniently situated for the Cultivation thereof, and the said Commons and Waste Grounds in their present State are incapable of much Improvement; and it would be of great Advantage to the several Persons interested therein, if all the said Opeb jFfeld^iiOpenu'Meadows, Lammas Lands, Commons and Waste Grounds were divided and inclosed, and specific Parts thereof allotted to the said several Proprietors in proportion to their respective Property, Rights of Common, and other Interests therein ; but forasmuch as such Objects cannot be obtained or effectually carried into Execution without the Aid and Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it enacted by the King's most Ex cellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by Appointment the Authority of the same, That Sir William Gibbons of Stanwell in the of Commis- County of Middlesex, Baronet, Abraham Purshouse Driver of Kent Road, ioners. jn tne C0Unty of Surrey, and Thomas Denton of Staines in the County of Middlesex, Gentlemen, and their Successors, to be elected in Manner herein-after mentioned, shall be and, they are hereby appointed Commissioners. for- dividing,'allotting, and inclosing the said Open Fields, Open Meadows, \Lanimas file:///Lanimas : Lands, Commons and Waste Grounds within the said Parish of Egham, and also for setting out, allotting, arid dividing all such old Inclosures of Land within the said Parish in which there are Lands belonging to different Proprietors, and also such other old Inclosures of Land within the said Parish, to which the present Proprietors thereof will have no Access through their own Lands, or by any of the Public Roads to be set out by the said Commissioners, and for carrying this Act and the said recited Act into Execution, under and subject to such of the Orders and Directions contained in the sajd recited Act, as are not varied or altered, or controlled by,' or repugnant to any of the Provisions of this Act; and that all Acts, Matters, and Things authorized and necessary to be done and executed by the said Commissioners for effecting the Purposes aforesaid, may be done and executed by any Two of them, and the same shall be as valid and effectual as if such Acts, Matters, and Things had been done and executed by all the said Commissioners herein nominated or appointed, or their Successors. Appointment Jfr, 4^ be it further enacted, That in case the said Sir William Gibbons and of new Com- Thomas Denton, or either of them, their or either of their Successors to be missioners m appointed as hereinafter mentioned, shall die, or refuse,or neglect or,decline Death. to act or ?qualify themselves or himself, or;'shall be incapable of acting'in the Execution of this and the said recited Act, then and in every such Case it shall and maybe lawful to and for the major Part in Value of the Persons interested in the said Division, Allotment, and Inclosure (such Value to be as-certained according to the Land-Tax Assessment for the said Parish of Eg-ham, as well redeemed as unredeemed), who shall be present at a Meeting to be holden for that Purpose, in the Vestry Room of the said Parish, within i Twenty. 2807 54GEORGH III, Cjo.153. Twenty.eight.Days http://Twenty.eight.Days next after any such Death, Refusal, Neglect, or Incapacity as aforesaid, of which Meeting Ten Days Notice at the least, and of. the Purpose thereof, shall be given by Advertisement, signed wiih the'Name of. the Clerk * in the Windsor Express, and in the Reacting Mercury, or in.: some other Newspaper circulated within the said Parish of Egham^ to ^nominate, elect, and appoint, by any Instrument in Writing, some,tfit ,and. proper Person (not interested in the said Division and inclosure) to be the Comniissioner in the Stead of such Commissioner or Commissioners so dying, refusing, neglecting, or being incapable of acting as aforesaid, and so from Tittte to Tittle; as often as any such Case shall happen; arid in case of the Death or Refusal, or neglecting or declining to act of the said Abraham Purshouse Driver, or any of his Successors to be appointed as hereinafter mentioned, it shall be lawful for. the Commissioners of; His Majesty's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, - or for the Surveyor General of His Majesty's Land Revenues/for the Time being, to nominate and .appoint a Commissioner in the Stead, of such Commissioner so dying, refusing, neglecting, or declining to act, and so from Time to Time as often as any such Case shall happen ; and any Commissioner so to be nominated and appointed shall, after taking arid subscribing the Oath prescribed in that Behalf, have the like Power and Authority for carrying the said recited Act and this Act into Execution, and shall be subject and liable to the likes Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions as if he had been originally appointed a Commissioner in arid by this Act. [II.- And be it further enacted, That the said Commissioners shall have Commis-Power, and they, are hereby authorised to appoint some fit and proper skmer's Person to be their Clerk for assisting them in carrying this and the said clerk-recited Act into Execution; and such Clerk from Time to Time to remove, and nominate and appoint some other fit and proper Person to succeed him in such Office, as to the said Commissioners shall seem meet. IV. And be it further enacted, That the said Commissioners shall, and Notice of they are hereby required within Two Months after the passing of this Meetings; Act, to give or cause public Notice to be given in Writing under their Hands, or the Hand of their Clerk, specifying the Time and Place of hold* ing their first Meeting for executing this and the said recited Act, to .be affixed on the principal outer Door of the Parish Church of Egham aforesaid, and also by Advertisement to be inserted in the said Windsor Express and Reading Mercury Newspapers Ten Days at the least before any such Meeting shall be holden (Meetings by Adjournment only excepted); and it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners to adjourn their Meetings from Time to Time as they shall see Occasion for executing the Powers hereby vested in them; provided that no Adjournment shall be made for a longer,1 Space than Forty Days, and that all such Meetings shall be held within the said Parish of Egham, or at some other Place within the Distance of Eight Miles from the Boundary of the said Parish. V. Provided always, and be it enacted* ^That all other- Notices Other requisite .to be made and given by the said Commissioners, shall be so Notices. made and given by the said Commissioners by Advertisement,in the'said Windsor Express and in the Reading Mercury, or, in ,.some,other-Newspaper circulated in the said Parish of Egham^ VI. And 2808 Commissioners to determine Differences ; 54GEORGII III. Cap.Wd. VI. And be it further enacted, That if any Dispute or Difference shall arise between any of the Parties interested or claiming to be interested in the said Division and Allotments^ touching or concerning the respective Rights and Interests which they or any of them shall have or claim to have in or upon the said Commons and Waste Grounds, or any Part thereof, or touching or concerning any other Matter or Thing relating to the said Division or Allotments, it shall be...

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