Electors of Knights of the Shires Act 1429

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1429 c. 7
Statutes made at Westminster, Anno 8 Hen . VI. and Anno.Dom. 1429. What Sort of Men shall be Choosers, and who shall be chosen Knights of the Parliament.

(8 Hen. 6) C A P. VII.

‘ITEM, Whereas the Elections of Knights of Shires to come to the Parliaments of our Lord the King, in many Counties of the Realm ofEngland , have now of late been made by very great, outrageous, and excessive Number of People dwelling within the same Counties of the Realm of England , of the which most Part was of People of small Substance, and of no Value, whereof every of them pretended a Voice equivalent, as to such Elections to be made, with the most worthy Knights and Esquires, dwelling within the same Counties, whereby Manslaughters, Riots, Batteries, and Divisions among the Gentlemen, and other People of the same Counties, shall very likely rife and be, unless convenient and due Remedy be provided in this Behalf;’ ' (2)our Lord the King, considering the Premisses, hath provided, ordained, and stablished, by Authority of this present Parliament, That the Knights of the Shires to be chosen within the same Realm ofEngland to come to the Parliaments of our Lord the King hereafter to be holden, shall be chosen in every County of the Realm of England , by People dwelling and resident in the same Counties, whereof every one of them shall have free Landor Tenement to the Value of Forty Shillings by the Year at the least above all Charges; (3) and that they which shall be so chose shall be dwelling and resident within the same Counties; (4) and such as have the greatest Number of them that may expend Forty Shillings by Year and above, as afore is said, shall be returned by the Sheriffs of every County , Knights for the Parliament, by Indentures sealed between the said Sheriffs and the said Choosers so to be made. (5)And every Sheriff of the Realm ofEngland shall have Power, by the said Authority, to examine upon the Evangelists every such Chooser, how much he may expend by the Year; (6)and if any Sheriff return Knights to come to the Parliament contrary to the said Ordinance, the Justices of Assises in their Sessions of Assises shall have Power, by the Authority aforesaid, thereof to inquire; (7)and if by...

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