Emergency Protection Order (Section 44 Children Act 1989)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterChildren Act forms
In the
Case Number:
Child(ren)’s Number(s):
Order Emergency Protection Order
Section 44 Children Act 1989
The full name(s) of the child(ren) Boy or Girl Date(s) of birth
[described as
Warning It is an offence intentionally to obstruct any person exercising the power under
Section 44(4)(b) Children Act 1989 to remove, or prevent the removal, of a child
(Section 44(15) Children Act 1989).
The Court grants an Emergency Protection Order to the applicant who is
The order gives the applicant parental responsibility for the child[ren].
The Court authorises [the applicant to remove the child[ren] to accommodation provided by or on
behalf of the applicant]
[the applicant to prevent the child[ren] being removed from
[This order directs that any person who can produce the child[ren] to the applicant must do so.]
The Court directs that
This order ends on at [am] [pm]
Ordered by
on at [am] [pm]
[[a named person] be excluded from [a named address] [forthwith] [from [date]]
so that the child may continue to live there, consent to the exclusion requirement
having been given by [a named person]]
[a power of arrest be attached to the exclusion requirement for a period of ]
C23 (01.09)

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