Employment Relations Act 1999

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1999 c. 26
(1) The (2) After Chapter V of Part I (rights of trade union members) there shall be inserted—
    (Chapter VA) Collective bargaining: recognition
    (70A) Recognition of trade unions.Schedule A1 shall have effect.
Schedule A1 shall have effect.(3) Immediately before Schedule 1 there shall be inserted the Schedule set out in Schedule 1 to this Act.
  • Schedule 2 shall have effect.
  • contain details of members of trade unions or persons who have taken part in the activities of trade unions, andare compiled with a view to being used by employers or employment agencies for the purposes of discrimination in relation to recruitment or in relation to the treatment of workers.the use of lists to which subsection (1) applies;the sale or supply of lists to which subsection (1) applies.confer jurisdiction (including exclusive jurisdiction) on employment tribunals and on the Employment Appeal Tribunal;include provision for or about the grant and enforcement of specified remedies by courts and tribunals;include provision for the making of awards of compensation calculated in accordance with the regulations;include provision permitting proceedings to be brought by trade unions on behalf of members in specified circumstances;include provision about cases where an employee is dismissed by his employer and the reason or principal reason for the dismissal, or why the employee was selected for dismissal, relates to a list to which subsection (1) applies;create criminal offences;in specified cases or circumstances, extend liability for a criminal offence created under paragraph (f) to a person who aids the commission of the offence or to a person who is an agent, principal, employee, employer or officer of a person who commits the offence;provide for specified obligations or offences not to apply in specified circumstances;include supplemental, incidental, consequential and transitional provision, including provision amending an enactment;make different provision for different cases or circumstances.by imprisonment,by a fine in excess of

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