Date06 December 2018
Published date06 December 2018
(1) Andrews and Beer (2013).
(2) A recent example of how uncertain todays global landscape is seen in
the continual policy changes and evolutions under US President
Donald Trump. For example January 2018, there were fears of a new
war on the Korean Peninsula, yet by June 2018 there had been a
summit between the two halves of divided Korea and between the
North Korean leader and the US President leading to talk of
de-nuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.
(3) Mazzucato (2018).
(4) Abstracted from Ramsey (1979).
(5) The Brexit Museum (https://www.museumofbrexit.uk/) is the
brainchild of Dr Lee Rotherham, former Director of Special Projects
at Vote Leave.
(6) Hingley (2016).
(7) Clery, Curtice and Harding (2016).
(8) Becker, Fetzer and Novy (2017).
(9) Dorling (2016).
(10) Swales (2016).
(11) Seventy per cent of Leave voters reported that they had read The Sun
and 66% the Daily Mail (Swales, 2016).
(12) Menon and Wagner (2018).
(13) Ford and Goodwin (2014).
(14) Kaufmann (2016).
(15) Clarke, Goodwin and Whiteley (2017).
(16) The British Social Attitudes Survey has taken place each year since
1983. It is the United Kingdoms longest running survey with
over 90,000 citizens having participated, so far. The survey is a
critical gauge of public opinion, and is used by the Government,
journalists, opinion formers and academics, due to the rigorous
techniques employed in collecting the mood of the nation. In
2016, the survey shone a spotlight on the opinions of Brexit
(17) Becker et al. (2017).
(18) Kenny (2015). Rival perspectives on the national identity of the
English have become increasingly salient during the last two decades.
They include radical-democratic, restorationist and Anglo-British
forms of patriotic discourse. This trend has rendered other circles of
attachment to the UK and Europe more tenuous and distant.
(19) Camden (1695) ed intro iii.
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(33) Link and Hornburg (2016).
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