Enrolment of Bargains of Lands, etc. Act 1535

Statutes made at Westminster, Anno 27 Hen . VIII. and Anno Dom.1535. For Inrollment of Bargains and Sales.

(27 Hen. 8) C A P. XVI.

BE it enacted by the Authority of this present Parliament, That from the last Day ofJuly , which shall be in the Year of our Lord God 1536, no Manors, Lands, Tenements or other Hereditaments, shall pass, alter or change from one to another, whereby any Estate of Inheritance or Freehold shall be made or take Effect in any Person or Persons, or any Use thereof to be made, by reason only of any Bargain and Sale thereof, except the same Bargain and Sale be made by Writing indented, sealed and inrolled in one of the King's Courts of Record at Westminster , (2)or else within the same County or Counties where the same Manors, Lands or Tenements, so bargained and sold, lie or be, before theCustos Rotulorum and two Justices of the Peace, and the Clerk of the Peace of the same County or Counties, or two of them at the least, whereof the Clerk of the Peace to be one; (3) and the same Inrollment to be had and made within six Months next after the Date of the same Writings indented; (4) the same Custos Rotulorum , or Justices of the Peace and Clerk, taking for the Inrollment of every such Writing indented before them, where the Land comprised in the same Writing exceeds not the yearly Value of forty Shillings, ii. s. that is to say, xij. d. to the Justices, and xij. d. to the Clerk, (5)and for the Inrollment of every such Writing indented before them, wherein the Land comprized exceeds the Sum ofxl. s. in the yearly Value,v. s. that is to say, ii. s. vi. d. to the said Justices, and ii. s. vi. d. to the said Clerk for the inrolling of the same: (6) And that the Clerk of the Peace for the Time being, within every such County, shall sufficiently inroll and ingross in Parchment the same Deeds or Writings indented as is afore said; (7)and the Rolls thereof at the End of every Year shall deliver unto the saidCustos Rotulorum of the same County for the Time being, there to remain in the Custody of the said Custos Rotulorum for the Time being, amongst other Records of every of the same Counties where any such Inrollment shall be so made, to the Intentthat every Party that hath to do therewith, may resort and see the Effect and Tenor of every such Writingso inrolled.

S-II Towns Corporate, &c. may inroll.

II Towns Corporate, &c. may inroll.

II. Provided always, That this Act, nor any Thing therein contained...

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