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Plumtree Software's new company strategy offers customers an open environment for creating Web applications that span rival platforms. This environment, known as the Enterprise Web, offers business units throughout an organisation a foundation of technologies on which every application can draw, and creates a common user experience for systems and people across the enterprise to work together. The Enterprise Web consists of four elements:

* Integration Products: Web services that combine applications and information from traditional systems such as SAP and Siebel.

* Foundation Services: the core services typically needed to build Web applications, such as search and identity management.

* Portal Software: the working environment for creating user experiences that incorporate many systems and services-

* Composite Applications: user experiences for a specific audience and function, such as employee services or customer support.

The entire architecture is Web services-based, allowing these elements to run on different application servers.

Server Products Offer Foundation Services for Enterprise Web

Based on customer surveys, Plumtree has found that the foundation services most often used to build Web applications within the portal environment include: Content management: for managing the content published to the Enterprise Web.

* Collaboration: for allowing people to manage projects and share documents across the Enterprise Web.

* Search: for indexing all the information available from the Enterprise Web.

* Identity management: for managing users' rights across all the systems integrated in the Enterprise Web

* Business process automation: for routing data, between different systems integrated in the Enterprise Web.

Plumtree Content Server 4.0

Plumtree Content Server 4.0 is a portal content management...

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