Eritrea-Ethiopia peace lesson to the world.

Author:Shah, Kokil K.
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

The rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea is a great milestone for regional peace and security in the Horn of Africa region after a long period of turmoil (New African, September 2018, "New power balance emerges in The Horn').

After many years of hostility towards each other, this new reconciliatory approach between the two neighbours is a lesson not only for Africa but the global community, that brokering peace, and the art of diplomacy, are by far the better options than trying to find solutions from the barrel of a gun.

The two countries now need to start the healing process for all the people within the region who have been traumatised by crimes against humanity.

For the region to prevent a repeat of the same humanitarian tragedies, it must ensure that a transparent public administration prevails without being influenced by any of the vices of graft, sleaze and palm-greasing rampant in many countries of the world.

The will of the people must at all times be respected in any political processes...

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