Euro spam confusion.

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EEMA, the independent, European not-for-profit association for e-Business, is calling for a co-ordinated legislative and technical commitment on a global scale to eradicate both the generation end the consequences of spam, the term used to refer to unsolicited commercial (or junk) email.

EEMA is also seeking clarification from the European Commission on additions made to the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58/EC) specifically to combat spam. As new regulations came into force in the UK on the 11th December 2003, it is becoming apparent that massive disparities in legislation implementation exist across Europe that are creating confusion for both businesses and governments.

Spam accounts for half of Europe's email traffic which, according to the European Commission, cost European business nearly EUR2.5bn in lost productivity in 2002 alone.

Speaking at EEMAs' Spam--The Death of e-Mail? Szaboles Koppanyi from the European Commissions Policy and Regulatory Framework Development division told EEMA delegates...

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