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Visit www.cimaglobal.com/students/index.htm regularly for updates.

* May 2005 exam dates

The May exams take place on Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26.

* Exam entry

Enter for your exams online at www.cimaglobal.com/examentry. The closing date for entry is March 14. The late entry deadline is March 21. You must pay all fees online using a recognised credit or debit card when you enter for the exams if you are taking them in the UK. If you live outside the UK and are unable to pay online with a recognised debit or credit card, you must make your payment immediately by banker's draft or cheque to ensure that we receive it within 18 days of the application.

* Entry fees

Managerial level: 55 [pounds sterling] per subject. Strategic level: 60 [pounds sterling] per subject. TOPCIMA: 80 [pounds sterling]. Late entry: 60 [pounds sterling]. Visit the CIMA website for further detail

* Cancellations and changes

We do not accept cancellations and will not refund fees. To change papers or exam centres, you must e-mail cima.contact@cimaglobal.com and pay the relevant fees by March 31. Changes made before March 14 will cost 25 [pounds sterling]. Changes after that date will cost 50 [pounds sterling].

* Pre-seen material for the TOPCIMA case study

The pre-seen material and assessment matrix will be available to download from the CIMA website from March 14. It is your responsibility to download this material and analyse and familiarise yourself with it before the exam. A "dean" copy of the pre-seen material and the assessment matrix will be given to you in the exam. You cannot take any notes into the exam hall.

* Ask a tutor

Visit our website for details of the first "ask a tutor" event under the new qualification, to be held in April. You can use this opportunity to obtain advice from an experienced CIMA tutor.

* ClMA Certificate in Business Accounting

You must pass all CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting subjects by March 1 if you intend to enter Managerial level exams in May.

* Transition arrangements to the new syllabus

Log on to CIMA Online (www.cimaglobal.com/cimaonline) to see your personal transition arrangements from the old 2000 syllabus to the new 2005 syllabus. You will see the subjects that you have passed (or from which you are exempted) and the credits you will receive for the new syllabus.

* ClMA Professional Development Certificate in Business Taxation

CIMA is launching a series of CPD products on business tax. The first of these...

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