Farm Improvements (Settled Land) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 1968

1968 No. 703


The Farm Improvements (Settled Land) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 1968

2ndMay 1968

10thMay 1968

13thMay 1968

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 36 and 41(7) of the Agriculture Act 1967(a) and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following regulations:—

Extent, citation and commencement

1. These regulations, which apply to Northern Ireland, may be cited as the Farm Improvements (Settled Land) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 1968; and shall come into operation on 13th May 1968.


2. The Interpretation Act 1889(b) shall apply to the interpretation of these regulations as it applies to the interpretation of an Act of Parliament.

Inclusion of certain works in section 25 of the Settled Land Act 1882

3. The provisions of the Settled Land Act 1882(c) relating to improvements authorised by that Act shall have effect as if works of any description specified in the Schedule to these regulations (being works of a kind mentioned in Schedule 4 to the Agriculture Act 1967 or prescribed by a scheme under section 26 or 41 of that Act) were included in section 25 of the Settled Land Act 1882, which sets out the improvements so authorised.

In Witness whereof the Official Seal of the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is hereunto affixed on 2nd May 1968.

Cledwyn Hughes, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.



1. Erection, alteration, enlargement, reconditioning or demolition of permanent farm buildings (including dwelling-houses).

2. Making or improvement of permanent yards, loading banks and stocks.

3. Making and improvement of fords, bridges, culverts, railway crossings, creeps and slips.

4. Provision of means of sewage disposal.

5. Provision and improvement of water supply.

(a) 1967 c. 22.

(b) 1889 c. 63.

(c) 1882 c. 38.

6. Provision or laying-on of electric light or power, or gas, to farms.

7. Provision and improvement of pens and other fixed equipment for use in connection with the sheltering, gathering, marking, dipping, spraying, treatment or feeding of sheep and cattle.

8. Drainage of agricultural land.

9. Construction and improvement of silos, and the provision of means of disposal of effluent from silos.

10. Making, improvement, renewal and removal of permanent fences (including hedges, walls and banks).

11. Making, improvement and renewal (but not repair) of gates.

12. Removal...

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