Financial statement for a financial order (Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 / Civil Partnership Act 2004) / for financial relief after an overseas divorce etc

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterDivorce and civil partnership dissolution forms
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Form E Notes for guidance (04.14) ©Crown copyright 2014
Form E
(Financial statement for a nancial order or for nancial relief
after an overseas divorce or dissolution)
Notes for guidance
About these notes
They explain some of the terms used in Form E that may be unfamiliar to you.
The most important notes are in bold. Please do not ignore them.
There is also a checklist in Form E to tell you which documents you will need to attach
to the form.
These notes are only a guide. If you need more help you should speak to a solicitor, citizens
advice bureau, legal advice centre or law centre. You may be able to get free legal advice.
For more information, go online at
Please note, while court staf f will help on procedural matters, t hey cannot offer any
legal advice.
If you (or your spouse or civil partner) apply to the court for a nancial order or nancial relief,
both you and the other person must ll in a separate Form E.
The purpose of the form is to help you to provide the court with full details of your nancial
You must send your lled-in Form E to the court and a copy to the other person, no
later than 35 days before the date of th e rst appointment. You can nd the date of the
rst appointment on Form C (Notice of a rst appointment) which the court will send to you.
The court might make an order for costs against you if you do not follow the deadlines for
ling Form E.
If you and the other person have agreed about the nancial matters there is no need for
either of you to ll in a Form E. You should hand your agreement (sometimes known as a
consent application) to the court before the rst appointment.
You should make sure that you attach any documents relevant to this application to Form E.

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