FireMon Delivers New Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services Integrations.

RSA Conference 2020--As enterprises increasingly transition and scale their operations in the public cloud, FireMon today announced new integrations with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help improve cloud visibility, reduce complexity and match the pace needed to protect systems from ongoing cyber threats and data breaches.

Through FireMon's new Microsoft Azure and AWS integrations, its customers are now able to take advantage of a single, policy-driven platform to secure multi-cloud and hybrid environments, which includes:

* Rapid rule creation to manage cloud traffic targeting certain types of traffic, based on the protocol, ports, sources, and destinations.

* Ability to create and modify firewall rules for specific instances in the cloud.

* Capability of configuring consistent and global security access rules to support rapid migration between data centres and the cloud.

* Ability to deploy context-aware policies which automatically adapt to protect systems with the speed and agility required by digital enterprises.

"FireMon is the only network security management platform with unified policy management for multi-cloud and on-prem infrastructures," said Tim Woods, FireMon VP of Technology Alliances. "With our latest Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud integrations, customers can now deploy consistent, seamless, and adaptive security policy orchestration across any type of infrastructure.

A Move to Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructure Requires Security Automation.

According to a recent report, 78 percent of organisations already use both AWS and Azure to host their infrastructure-as-a-service (laaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) systems, with cloud-based threats increasing in tandem.

Whether using a cloud-first or hybrid model, enterprises face common security challenges, with an increasing need to reduce complexity, avoid human-introduced risks, and maintain compliance--all while ensuring they meet demands for agility.

Organisations must maintain a centralised view of threat...

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