AuthorRob Merkin
PositionLloyd's Law Reports Professor of Maritime and Commercial Law, University of Southampton Law School, Consultant, Norton Rose Group
It is my great pleasure to add a few words on the launch of the Southampton Student
Law Review. Southampton LLB and LLM courses both feature extended
dissertations and essays, and the unlimited imaginations and interests of our
students regularly produce a fascinating array of material which is carefully
researched, well argued and of an extremely high standard. My own experience of
teaching over too many years is that the best work comes from students with a
genuine interest in the subject matter when coupled with the freedom to explore it in
detail. It has long been a matter of regret that the fruits of student research have been
confined to the examiners and the store in the library, and there are very few journals
that have the space (and, in many cases, the inclination) to publish student work.
SSLR has tackled these issues head-on. The enthusiasm with which staff and
students alike have approached the task of launching SSLR is inspirational.
This second issue, a Marine Insurance special, is a response to the almost
unprecedented concentration of highly significant marine insurance decisions
handed down in the first half of 2011, and the case comments focus on various
different aspects of those decisions. The longer articles address wider concerns
presently under review by the English and Scottish Law Commissions.
Good luck to SSLR and to all who sail in her.
Professor Rob Merkin
Lloyd’s Law Reports Professor of Maritime and Commercial Law
University of Southampton Law School
Consultant, Norton Rose Group
Southampton, 2 August 2011

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