AuthorOren Ben-Dor
PositionProfessor of Law and Philosophy, Southampton Law School
It gives me great pleasure to write a forward to this issu e of Southampton Studen t
Law Review. This r eview, now in its fourth volum e is now firmly established and is
growing in its substance and reach. The rich ness of in sights, as well as qualit y of
scholarship of our students, both gr aduate and undergraduate, t estifies to the vibrant
stu dent research communit y at the School an d the in tensity of its interaction with
the wider academ ic resear ch environment . Studen ts’ research is a centr al pillar of
school life an d we can witn ess m any pearls of new conn ections th at are bein g sawn
here. Each of the articles published here, is exem plary in expr ession, connection and
design an d evidences th e ability to draw tr ends of argum ents from a wide range of
materials; distil qu estions that cu t across legal fields and, finally, to com bine general
issu es in jur isp ruden ce and political theory with terms an d concepts deployed in
critica l arguments within legal doctrine.
The LLB 10,000 words dissertation , also celebrated in this volum e is unique to our
LLB program me. Th e disser tations published here show the sheer awareness, talen t
and research skills of our third year students an d the kin d of critical legal educat ion
that they get in the LLB both in breadth and depth. Supervised by our full-tim e
members of staff, the dissertation is a com pulsory m odule that involves indepen dent
research by third year LLB stu dents on any topic of th eir choice. The design of our
LLB program me gives students t he tools that empower them to become in sight ful
and courageou s. Our gr aduate students program m e, sem in ar series and stu dent
conferences en sure that th e stud ents opening t heir horizo n all t he tim e.
I would like to congratu late contr ibutors for their terrific pieces and to thank all
members of staff wh ose dedicated inspiration an d supervision keep making SSLR
possible. Warm thanks are du e to J oy Caisley, our Law Librarian, who always offers
unparalleled guidance and support in using library resou rces throughout the LLB
and gradu ate r esearch . Last but n ot least war m con grat ulation s Ida Petretta an d Liz
Herbert and all members of the editorial team of SSLR for th eir dedicated work in
seeing this gem to p ublica tion.
Wishing you rewar ding rea ding,
Oren Ben-Dor
Prof essor of La w and Philosop hy,
Sou tham pton Law School
October 2014

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