AuthorHazel Biggs
PositionProfessor of Healthcare Law & Bioethics Head of Southampton Law School
Once again the Southampton Student Law Review includes papers on an eclectic mix
of topics and areas of law. These articles range from commercial aspects such as tax
law, through to healthcare law topics like organ donation, to housing law, psychiatric
harm, judicial decision-making and the International Court of Justice. Each reflects
the intellectual curiosity and academic rigour inherent in work produced in the
Southampton Law School.
Some of the authors have made recommendations for legal reform (Okenyi, Quah
and Patterson), while others suggest different judicial approaches to legal dispute
resolution (Laryea and Chan). Saunders and Devenish both review areas where legal
change might enhance justice for society more generally. All of the pieces locate their
argument in the social context within which each area of law operates, making the
analysis and recommendations applicable beyond the confines of academic law.
Consequently, each of these articles has the potential to inform further academic
debate, and perhaps ultimately to lead to revised judicial thinking and legal change.
It is laudable that Southampton Law students have been encouraged through their
studies to challenge perceived wisdom and question the status quo to this extent.
That there are so many free thinkers amongst Southampton’s students and graduates
is indicative of the vibrant academic community in the Law School.
The editors have put together an impressive collection of articles which showcase the
work of Southampton students. They have selected papers that raise important social
and legal concerns, and are to be commended for their hard work and attention to
detail in producing this volume. The Southampton Student Law Review appears
only once a year, but it always makes for interesting and informative reading.
Hazel Biggs
Professor of Healthcare Law & Bioethics
Head of Southampton Law School
September 2016

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