AuthorJeremy Horder
PositionProfessor, Head of the Department of Law
It is an honour to be asked to introduce this third Volume of the LSE Law Review,
as my term as Head of Department draws to a close this year. The Review got off
to an excellent start two years ago, but has grown in strength with each Volume,
receiving an unprecedented number of submissions this year. That is a position
to be in that many Editors of leading Law Journals would envy. It is also a
testament to the vibrancy of LSE's research culture in the student body,
something easily overlooked or undervalued, given the current focus on students
as purely consumers of teaching. Once again, the extraordinary range of subject
matter that come s under exper t critical sc rutiny in this Volume cannot fail to
impress the reader, and the Editors are to be congratulated for the fantastic job
that they have done.
Professor Jeremy Horder
Head of the Department of Law
The London School of Economics and Political Science
March 2018

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