Forget the past?

Author:Agyemang-Duah, Loma
Position:Unfair treatment of Africans continues - Letter to the Editor

I write in response to Gavin Fletcher's letter, "Forget the past, move on" (NA, March). Fletcher claims that journalists who write on African issues always seem to dwell on the injustices of the past--slavery, colonialism etc. It might be easier to move on if injustices were a thing of the past.

Unfortunately for Africans, we are still treated as inferior beings. I would like to draw Fletcher's attention to South Africa. It wasn't too long ago that apartheid was banned. How one race can justify such an evil deed as apartheid is beyond belief. There are still places in South Africa, Namibia. etc (NA, March) where the indigenous people are not welcome in some restaurants, clubs etc.

Europeans are well known for going to places under false pretences and then taking over. Read the history of North America--how the Red Indians were murdered and their land stolen from them; Australia--how the Aborigines were murdered and their land stolen from them; New Zealand--how the Maoris were murdered and their land stolen by the Europeans.

When Europeans first arrived in Africa, it was under the pretence of religion and fair trade, and unbeknown to our welcoming forefathers who took them at face value, we were deceived, captured and sold to foreign lands.

Blatant slavery may be a thing of the past, but economic slavery is still going on. We seem to be forever indebted to Europeans. Why is that? We do not seem to benefit from any of our resources. Ghana, for example, is one of the largest producers and exporters of cocoa and gold. How do we benefit from the sale of these products to...

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