Gangmasters (Licensing) Act 2004

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation2004 c. 11
(1) to carry out the functions relating to licensing that are conferred on it by this Act,to ensure the carrying out of such inspections as it considers necessary of persons holding licences under this Act,to keep under review generally the activities of persons acting as gangmasters,to supply information held by it to specified persons in accordance with the provisions of this Act,to keep under review the operation of this Act, andsuch other functions as may be prescribed in regulations made by the Secretary of State.(3) The Authority may do anything that it considers is calculated to facilitate, or is incidental or conducive to, the carrying out of any of its functions.(3A) When carrying out functions during a year to which a labour market enforcement strategy approved under section 2 of the Immigration Act 2016 relates, the Authority and its officers must carry out those functions in accordance with the the servant or agent of the Crown, oras enjoying any status, immunity or privilege of the Crown,the status and constitution of the Authority,the appointment of its members,the payment of remuneration and allowances to its members, andsuch other matters in connection with its establishment and operation as he thinks fit.(6) Schedule 1 amends certain enactments in consequence of the establishment of the Authority.(1) In carrying out its functions the Authority shall comply with any general or specific directions given to it in writing by the Secretary of State.(2) Before giving any such directions the Secretary of State shall consult the Authority F20and the Director of Labour Market Enforcement.(3) The Authority shall provide the Secretary of State with such information about its activities as he may request.agricultural work,gathering shellfish, andany produce derived from agricultural work, orshellfish, fish or products derived from shellfish or fish.This is subject to any provision made by regulations under subsection (5) below and to section 5 (territorial scope of application) .(2) In subsection (1) (a) “agricultural work” means work in agriculture.dairy-farming,the production for the purposes of any trade, business or other undertaking (whether carried on for profit or not) of consumable produce,the use of land as grazing, meadow or pasture land,the use of land as an orchard or as osier land or woodland, andthe use of land for market gardens or nursery grounds.In paragraph (b) “consumable produce” means produce grown for sale, consumption or other use after severance from the land on which it is grown.(4) In this Act “shellfish” means crustaceans and molluscs of any kind, and includes any part of a shellfish and any (or any part of any) brood,

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