Getting the Adjustment Right: Controls and Computer Security

Published date01 February 1995
Date01 February 1995
AuthorJames Backhouse
Subject MatterAccounting & finance
Journal of Financial Crime Vol. 3 No. 1 Computer Security
Getting the Adjustment Right: Controls and
Computer Security
James Backhouse
As computers and information technology grad-
ually insinuate themselves into every nook and
cranny of business operations, management have
begun to appreciate some of the risks as well as the
benefits. But why are computer systems so vulner-
able? There are many reasons why computer
systems need to be protected. Computers are so
much smaller and more powerful than they were
just a few years ago and so much more extensively
used as a consequence that the combination of
their ubiquity and the importance of the informa-
tion that they hold is a magnet for accident and
malice alike. When we consider that the data that
they process often relates directly to money, and in
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