Global Enterprise Edition of `Steel-Belted Radius' in UK.

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Network Utilities have announced the launch in UK of Steel-Belted Radius/Global Enterprise Edition, a new edition of their RADIUS/AAA server which it is claimed meets the security management needs of global enterprises that are managing thousands of remote and wireless LAN (WLAN) users across multiple sites.

Steel-Belted Radius/Global Enterprise Edition (GEE) offers:

* Integrated management of remote and WLAN users, to simplify user management and security. Also centralised authentication of all remote and WLAN users against SQL/LDAP databases, token systems, OS systems, and a native database, and easily and supports any authentication scheme that an enterprise has implemented--whether centralised or distributed to satellite offices.

* Strong WLAN security, allowing an enterprise to easily roll out secure WLAN access across its network. Security is based on the IEEE security standard 802. 1x, and the WLAN security protocols FAP-TTLS and EAP-TLS, which fully protect credentials over the wireless link, to prevent cryptographic...

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