Gonna make you a star: how a firm becomes a household name: the author of Brand Famous suggests some key steps to help your business stand out in a congested marketplace.

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Brand Famous: How to get Everyone Talking About your Business

Linzi Boyd, 14.99 [pounds sterling], Capstone

Business owners often wonder how to make their company more prominent, often in markets where many firms are offering the same services at similar prices.

Your organisation needs to stand out, be seen and get "Savy" (which stands for sales, awareness, value and you). These four elements are required in order to build a business quickly and give it the maximum reach. Most organisations will lean towards one element more than the rest at any given time.

Whatever stage of development your organisation is at, becoming business Savy will create spikes in revenue and increase brand awareness. This process is the same for small firms that want to be big and big firms that want to be bigger--they all need to distinguish themselves from the competition.

First, you need to establish the game you want to play and then take the following five steps to get Savy and make your brand famous.

* Discover the "DNA" of the brand. Work out what gap in the market you want to fill and your enterprise's core values. What do you want it to be known for and what do you want people to say about the brand?

* Create bespoke toolkits that will...

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