Publication Date23 October 2021
"I had my daughters filming, shouting, screaming and kicking my a**," says the 54-year-old merrily over Zoom.

The Scottish-born chef, who splits his time between LA and the UK, used the pandemic-induced pause to get creative, reassess - and trying to "imagine we're going into the ground for the first time, and how we pop up when we come out of this thing".

To aid that, he started cooking live at the weekends on Instagram, all the while being heckled by his kids who would fine him - in honour of the NHS - every time dish took more than 10 minutes throw together. And instead of winding him up, the buzz of it echoed the adrenaline he was missing and would usually access in his professional kitchens.

He's now turned those Instagram lives into a cookbook, Ramsay In 10 - a collection of swift, resourceful recipes that give an insight into how the Ramsays cook at home.

"I know everyone thinks, 'Oh it's easy for you, 10 minutes..."' he admits, but argues it's all in the prep. You don't need three Michelin stars and "the most expensive Japanese knives to chop your carrot or finely dice your onion - grate the f****** thing; use a box grater and grate it! Things get done quicker."

Gordon just wants people cooking, and is typically no-nonsense about it, right down to a section at the front called 'What this book expects of you', which includes directions like 'Read the recipe'.

"I'm an assertive guy, so there's no bulls*** there," says Gordon. "I just tell the truth, and some people say, 'Well, ok, that's a bit harsh' - then don't f******* ask me if you don't want to hear it."

Gordon watching daughter Tilly

t." he aim though, beneath the direct ness is to make sure people know how much fun they can have cooking, if they get the basics done first. As Gordon says, "90% of the battle is in the preparation, and I hate seeing missed opportunities go by, where things are overcooked because [people are] not prepping right at the beginning."

" Gordon's kids are never far from his thoughts. He and wife Tana, 47, have Megan 23, twins Holly and Jack, 21, Tilly, 19, and Oscar, two, and he remembers teaching them the importance of food from the of.f.

his on Strictly

They all know how great dinner party - vital now his eldest are starting to fly the nest.

Two days before we speak, Gordon was caught on camera tearing up in the Strictly Come Dancing studio after Tilly performed the Charleston.

"I saw her [smart] watch the other day and she burned 5,800 calories, and something like...

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