Great Leinster and Munster Railway Act 1837

Cited as:1837 c. civ
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved
Great Leinster and Munster Railway Act 1837

(7 Will. 4 & 1 Vict.) c. civ

An Act for making and maintaining a Railway from the City of Dublin to the City of Kilkenny, to be called "The Great Leinster and Munster Railway."

[12th July 1837]

ANNO PRIMO VICTORLE REGIME *#*###**###*#*###*#*####**#***##*#**#*##*##*######* Cap. civ. An Act for making and maintaining a Railway from the City of Dublin to the City of Kilkenny, to be called " The Great Leinster and Munster Railway. [12th July 1837-] w HEREAS the making a Railway or Railways, with proper Works and Conveniences connected therewith, for the Car riage of Passengers, Goods, and Merchandize from the City of Dublin to the City of Kilkenny, would be of great public Advantage, by opening an additional cheap, certain, and expeditious Communication between the City of Dublin and the City and Neigh bourhood of Kilkenny aforesaid, and by facilitating the Means of Transit and Traffic for Passengers, Goods, and Merchandize between those Places and the adjacent Districts and the several intermediate Towns and Places: And whereas the Queen's most Excellent Majesty in right of her Crown is entitled to certain Land known as the Curragh of Kildare upon the Line of the proposed Railway : And whereas the several Persons herein-after named, with others, are willing at their own Costs and Charges to carry into execution the said Undertaking; but the same cannot be effected without the Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Com mons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of [Local.'] 42 G ' the 3798 PVICTORIiE, Cap.civ. Proprietors the same, That John Alexander junior, Robert Alexander, Robert incorporated, jidamson, Henry Bainbridge, Thomas Barnewall, Hugh Barton^ Hans Busk, John Warburton Bridge, John Jackson Blandy, Edward Thomas Bainbridge M.P., Richard Basnet, Richard Barnes Barnes, Charles Board, Butler, Francis Beetham, Robert F Cox, Sir Josiah Coghill Coghill Baronet, Robert Walter Carden, Michael Cahill, Charles Cooke, James Duncan, Jeremiah Dunne, Hugh Stafford Donnellan, Gregory Downes, John Doyle, John Dallas Edge, Walter Moore Fowler, James Ogilvy Fairlie, Thomas Farn- comb, P V Oambier, George G Grenfell, Peter Gale, Thomas Gresham, Moses Asher Goldsmid, John Gething, Alfred Alers Hankey, William Henry Hardinge, Herbert Hardie, James Holt Heron, James Knight Heron, Thomas Heathcock, Cad- man Hodgkinson, John Hall, Charles James, George Jeremy, Richard Jeffray, A V Kirwan, George La Touche, Charles Henry Latouche, William Leahy, George Johnstone Lennon, Walter Learmouih, Abel Labertouche, Edward Lacy, Albert Limond, Jolfh D Lewis, John Maker M. P., Thomas Mooney, Henry Mooney, William Mooney, Laurence Mooney, James M( Creery, Edward M'Donnel, Edward Meyer, Samuel Eustace Magan, Plasted Norris, Edward Hutchinson Orpen, John Herbert Orpen, Major General Charles Palmer M. P., Richard Preston Prichard, Richard Prichard, Henry Pinckard, Joseph Pinckard, Augustus Samuel Perkins, Henry Paterson, Thomas Powell, Colonel John Staunton Rochfort, Owen Ryan, John Peter Ryan, John Buckley Reyner, Archibald Robertson^ Rowland Ronald, Edward Stewart, Benjamin Roberts Shaw, John Stewart, Richard Sullivan, Edward SmithwicJc, John Sim Smith, Samuel Smith, James Bogle Smith, Hugh Stafford, Henry Birchfield Swabeyf F B Smith, James Scully, William May Simonds, W B Simpson, Charles William Stokes, Henry Stokes, Robert Sutton, Arthur William Thomas, Christopher Tuthill, Mary Ann Thomson Widow, Charles Towgood, lieutenant General John Ormsby Vandeleur, Francis Wilson, Francis White M.D., James Watt, Patrick Robert Welch, Thomas Wilson, Thomas Francis Wilson, John Richard Wilson, George B Whittaker, Constantine Wright, Augustus Wright, Edmund Thomas Waters, and John Young, and all other Persons and Corporations who have subscribed or shall hereafter subscribe to the said Undertaking, and their several and respective Successors, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, shall be and they hereby are united into a Company for making and maintaining the said Railway and other Works by this Act authorized, according to the Provisions and Restrictions herein-after mentioned, and for that Purpose shall be One Body Corporate by the Name and Style of " The Great Leinster and Munster Railway Company," and by that Name shall have perpetual Succession, and shall have a Common Seal, and by that Name shall and may sue and be sued, and also shall have full Power and Authority to purchase and hold Lands and other Hereditaments to them and their Successors and Assigns for the Use of the said Undertaking, without incurring any of the Penalties or Forfeitures of the Statutes of Mortmain, and also to sell and dispose of the said Lands and Hereditaments again in manner by this Act directed. 6 II. And 1 VICTORIA, Cap.civ. 3799 Word tion of this Act. Masculin only, the same shall be understood to include several Matters as well as one Matter, several Persons as well as one Person, and Females as well as Males; and where the Word " Lands'* shall be used, the same shall be understood to include Tenements and Hereditaments; and where the Word " Corporation" shall be used, the same shall be understood to mean any Body Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate, Civil or Ecclesiastical, Aggregate or Sole ; unless in any of the Cases aforesaid it be otherwise specially provided, or there be something in the Subject or Context repugnant to such Construction. III. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Company Company and they are hereby empowered to make and maintain a empowered Railway, with all proper Works and Conveniences connected there- RaVvay over with, in the Line or Course, and upon, across, under, or over the Lands the Lands delineated on the Plan and described in the Book of Reference depo- delineated on S ited with the respective Clerks of the Peace for the Counties 0f*heP!an* Dublin, Kildare, King's County, Queen's County, Carlow, Kilkenny, w^h\Ve and County of the City of Kilkenny ; that is to say, commencing in respective a Field at Kihnainham in the Parish of Saint James in the Townland Clerks of the of Inchicore and in the County of Dublin, and terminating at the £eace for the Lands called Pennefaiher's Lot, in the Parish of Saint John's and herein County of the City of Kilkenny, and which said Railway will pass named. into or through the several Parishes and Extra-parochial Places fol? lowing; that is to say, the Parishes of Saint James, Ballyfarmot, Pal-merstown, Esker, Lucan, and Arderrig, in the County of Dublin ; the Parishes of Celbridge and Donacumper in the County of Kildare; the Parishes of Newcastle and Saggard in the said County of Dublin ; the Parishes of Kill, Donacumper, Castle Dillon, Whitechurch, Bo-denstown, Naas, Caragh, Ladytown, Great Connelly Morristown Bitter, the Curragh of Kildare (Extra-parochial), and the Parishes of Bally-sax, Came, Ballyshannon, Kilrush, and Fontstown, in the County of Kildare ; the Parish of Fontstown in the King's County ; the Parishes of Narraghmore, Kilberry, Timolin, Saint Michael's and Saint John's, Athy, in the said County of Kildare ; the Parishes of Bally-adams, Tankardstown and Aihy, Athy and Tankardstown, Tankards-town, Killabih, Killeshin, and Cloydagh, in the Queen's County; the Parishes of Cloydagh, Tullowereen, and Old Leighlin, in the County of Carlow ; and the Parishes of Shankhill, Kilmacahill, Gowran, Blanch-villeskill or Blanchfieldtown, Clara, Blackrath, and Templemartin, in the County of Kilkenny ; the Parishes of Templemartin and Black-rath and Saint John's in the County of the City of Kilkenny, or some of them, IV. And whereas Maps or Plans and Sections describing the Line Plans and of the said Railway, and the Lands upon or through which the said 5liS of j * x c_j Railway and the Works connected therewith are intended to be carried ^* .1 , ., 7 i , -i ,i ^ .., ..-.i., -i Reference _ ^ to remain in or made, together with Books of Reference thereto containing Lists Custody of of the Names of the Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers, or reputed the Clerks of Owners, Lessees, and Occupiers of such Lands, have been deposited th^ Peace, with the Clerks of the Peace for the said Counties of Dublin, Kildare, *" n t0 In_ King's County, Queen's County, Carlow, Kilkenny, and County of spection. the City of Kilkenny : And whereas such Plans and Sections have been 3800 PVICTORLE, Cap.cW. been approved of by Parliament as the Plans and Sections according to which the said Railway is to be made; be it therefore enacted, That the said Maps or Plans, Sections and Books of Reference, so deposited, shall remain with and be kept by the said Clerks of the Peace respectively; and all Persons interested in any Manner in such Lands shall have Liberty at all reasonable Times to inspect and make Extracts from or Copies of the same respectively, paying to the Clerk of the Peace in whose Custody the Map or Plan, Section, or Book of Reference so inspected or referred to may be, for every Inspection the Sum of One Shilling, and for Copies of or Extracts from the said Books of Reference after the Rate of Sixpence for every One hundred Words; and the said Maps or Plans, Sections and Books of Reference, or true Copies thereof, or of so much thereof respectively as shall relate to any Matter which may be in question, verified by the Signature of the Clerk of the Peace in whose Custody the same may have been, shall be and are hereby declared to be good Evidence in all Courts of Law or elsewhere* Uninten tional Errors in Act or Plans, or in Books of , Reference, them, or the Situation thereof respectively, or the Names of the not to prevent the Execution of the Act. V. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Company to...

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