Great Western Railway Act 1835

Cited as:1835 c. cvii
Jurisdiction:England & Wales
Great Western Railway Act 1835

(5 & 6 Will. 4) c. cvii

An Act for making a Railway from Bristol to join the London and Birmingham Railway near London to be called " The Great Western Railway " with Branches therefrom to the Towns of Bradford and Trowbridge in the County of Wilts.

[21 August 1835]

ANNO QUINTO & SEXTO (JULIEIM1 m REGIS. Cap. cvii, An Act for making a Railway from Bristol to join the London and Birmingham Railway near Lonr don, to be called " The Great Western Railway," with Branches therefrom to the Towns of Bradford and Trowbridge in the County of Wilts. [31st August 18357] W HEREAS the making a Railway from Bristol to join the London and Birmingham Railway near London, and also Branch Railways therefrom to Trowbridge and Bradford in the County of Wilts, would be of great public Advantage, not only by opening an additional, certain, and expeditious Communication between the Cities and Towns aforesaid and the several intermediate and adjacent Places, but also by improving the existing Communica tion between the Metropolis and the Western Districts of England, the Southof Ireland, and Wales:- And whereas the King's most Excellent Majesty in right of .His Crown is entitled to certain 'Lands upon the Line of the proposed "Railway: And whereas the ^several Persons herein-after named are willing at their own Expenee ,'io carry into execution the before-mentioned Undertaking; but the 'same cannot be effected without the Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it "enacted by the King's inost Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Com- iLocal.~\ 35 0 mons, 3182 5 & 6 GULIELMI IV. Cap.cvn. mons, in Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same,, Proprietors That the Mayor, Burgesses, and Commonalty of the City of Bristol, incorporated. tne Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol, Daniel Wade Acraman, Alfred John Acraman, John Acraman, James Agg, Samuel Arbouin, Miles Ariel, Jeremiah Barrett, Henry, Charles Boisragon Doctor of Medicine,- Thomas Billings, Robert Bulgin, James Hinton Bowly, Devereux Bo!wly, Christopher Bowly, Henry Bowly, Thomas Byrch, Edward Bowly, Thomas Brown, David Bowly, William James Baillie, Joseph Bayley M. P., Coulthurst Bateman, Crawshay Bailey, Richard Bright, John Beddoe, William Adair Bruce, John Christian Boode, Francis Bryant, William. Bird Brodiej M.l P., George .Bengough, Charles E.Bernard the younger, John Bettington, Stephen Ntcolson. Barber, John Bird, James Maitland Baird, Thomas Francis Balderston, Charles Frederick -Barnwell, William Borradaile,- Charles Bourjot, Robert Barton, Henry Bush, Robert; Bright, Thomas :. Bowman, Thomas Kington 'Bayly", Samuel "Bryant, Thomas Coates, John Lees Casson, William Crozier, John Cargill, John Chadborn, William Crawshay, Thomas Charles, John Came, Robert Eyre Purdon Coote, Robert Castle} John CrpsSi Thomas Cross* William Cross, Henry Cayley, George Abraham Crawley, William Chance, George Cooper, Gideon Colquhoun the younger, William Cater, Thomas Camplin, Michael Hinton Castle, John Cave, William Henry Castle, William Cross, William Hinton Castle; Charles Castle, William Comyn, Eleanor Drowley, Robert Daw, James Dunlop, Charles William Davy Clerk, Joseph. Davies; George Daubeny, John Francis Duncan, John Drake, Robert Dickinson Clerk, Henry Dann, William Weaver Davies, Richard Darby, Thomas Daniel, Eric Erickson, John Edridge, Samuel Eyre, Thomas Grove.Edwards;* William English, Charles Elley, George Eaton, Joseph Eaton, William Edwards, Thomas Harvey Forrester, Gustavus Flindt, John Fieldenr Anthony Frankland, Francis Fitzherbert, Randle 'Henry Fielden (Z\erk^ George Crocker Fox,: Alfred Fox, James Foster, John FuSsell, Thomas Fuidge, Ralph Fenwick, James Dingwall Fordyce, Stephen Flockton, Edward Herbert Fitzherbert, Thomas Friend,; William,F?'## James, .Fussell,_ Thomas Wussell, .James Fripp, James Fox Doctor of Medicine, Robert Fowler, Richard Ferris,' Joseph Starrs Fry , Edward; Bowles Frjpp,x Charles Joseph'-Fox, Charles -Bowles Fripp, Bevis Ellerby Green; A'ddl-phiis'Goldschmidt, James Gawen, Thomas Garrard; John .Gardner, Thomas Griffiths, Lewis- Griffiths, * Nathaniel '? Egerton : Gar rick, ?William'' Gregory., Josiah John Guest M; P.j Christopher George, .Richard LovellGwatkin, Charles Greville, William Brereton Grime, Frederick 'William Green, George Henry Gibbs, Robert Frederick Gozver, ? Riversdale William Grenfell, Robert' Archibald Douglas Gresleyl Joseph Menke Gerothwohl, John Galway,.Samuel Gr'ealhead, James-Foster-Groom-, James Gar dfter','. George-Gprdoh, William Gibbs, George. Gould, Thomas -Richard Guppy, George. Gibbs, James Adam Gordon, William Gilby, Henry Edmund Gopdridge, Thomas Robert Guest, John1 Matthew Gutch, Robert; Hopkins;''Thomas Harris, Thomas Heathcock, -William Hassellyi Anthony 'Hill, David Hopkins, Samuel Horn/ray, {Robert Haynes, W. G.Hdod, James Hdlse Mi.'P., James-'Hammett, John Casper Hartsinck,' Ambrose Hussey, -Philip ii Harris, Harris, Edward Harley, John" Wesley Hall; - Thomas ?Hebblewhite\ John Hartleys Christopher, HottgsoniEdward ? Higginbbtham, Robert* Houlton,, Charles's Hicks, Anthony*.Earl Hamilton,:.William vHaynesj. John Harford, xAdam IHbldeh,'? William Hughes,\ Baynham?; 'Jones,. ZrtiedphilusJRaridle Jones',, Thomas Jarritt^Edward:. Johnson; PtvcWp Jones, William Singer.'Jacques;'George.Jones,. John Kynastbn, Thom~tis King, iThomas^KingsMiryii Alexander ? Liniohd,X^hdyies^La-wrence, WilliamlLawrehce; Capel Hahbury iL'eigK? Ddvid"Lewis:M\ 'B.; Lsmhl Emisj Richards Llewellih;. John Little;IRoberiLyon C\erk, Johh.Eau~. rent,,Robert Lloydv William-Little} Archibald Little;.Frederick)Hetirl). Lindsay; WillidmXLek,. James Lean, Benjamin? ?Lancast'er;iRobert Eeb^ nard;.V.dlami:.Coatesl:Lane;. Abraham. ;Lyori;:Mpses Edward Meyer,' Stephen-.Hempstead Murley;'Donald Maclean;-Joseph RandolphJMul-; lings; CRdchael Mdrgany.Henry ' Mant, Matthew 'Marsh^AEdwarcl Wheler Mills, JosephxMayriard,.-James: Milligdh;jHugh'M'Calmont; Robert.'- MfCal'mont'n George'MeeU, Peter ,Maze;y.Richard.iMorgan^ Philip Jbhn Miles,'M..^Y;.:Edwin Morgan, "Edward' rLambe'rt'.Ne'w-: man; Ralph:-Nichblson,i Charles No^t6n,-.Jdm^siMiehblson^Gler^C6s'mioi Orme, John Harvey Ollney, I DanielDay.Orlidge,..Richard*OliMrso7i, Robert Oliyerson; Jeremiah; Osborne, .Robert- Osborne, Henry Patteson, Richard.Priien; .'Letitia Pratt, Richard' Bur fan-.: Phillipson; Joseph* Frederic Price, i .Thomas Powell; 'Elizabeth i Pbutton, ^Arthur.. Palme fr the younger George:Pennce,~ Launcelot- Powell;, and JbhmPowe'll;: Richardt Shackleton(Pope, Thomas Pycroft,' Sampson.Payne; Charles Perry Clerk, John Pavin, John Prideaux, Richard Parsley., Charles, James Pocock, Rees Price, John Pickersgill, Edward Protheroe, Henry Palmer, Robert :Phippen,. William Ogilvie. Porter, 'Henry ?Arthur Palmer; Charles' Payne,^Joseph Fartridge, Nathaniel William. Partridge, Owen Rees\ William:Ridler,:R6bertAnsley Robinson;M:o?:- daunt Ricketts, Luke':Reilly,'Thomas Rbyd Clerk,. Thomas;Reece,. George Radclifle Doctor:in; Divinity,' John Rainsford;: GdorgeiRoe, David Rowland, Henry Ricketts^William Rbgers,.F. .?: .'.!ii'"-; 5 1: Roddy John ' Reynell;jW,illidm.Ronald, [Thomas Rake, George; Alfrety ?Rickets, Thomas'Rees, Valentine Ridler, Nicholas Roch, JamesiRoom;,. James:Thomas Robertson,. Richarfl' Ricketts,:Frederick) Ricketts^.Wil- liamMay Simon'ds; Charles William Stokes, Frederick:. Scheen ^Samuel; Jiedlow.iSweetman'^ John Stephens, BlackdlLSimonds, Henry Simbnds,) Edw'ardrWarner'Shewelly.S'iF Gilbert Stirling Baronet, ,71} :"..:H.-* .':, ..Sage, diaries Stephens,] William Stanton,- Charles Stanton; William ,Henry Stanton, Charles Henry Stonehouse, Henry Sanders,^Jacob Amos Stuart, Fleming Saint Paul, Charles Slade, Benjamin ^Shaw, :jdshud Scholefield^M'embei o'fiParliament/;Wfr7//ai Unwih Sinis, James Elhdthan Smith,: Gilbert. Stephens, James. Sharpe, ? William* Henry Still,. George Steward,. Thomas Sturge, Russell, Scbtt,.Hehry Slothert, Robert Scott'i Thomas Smythe, William Smith;. George Morris Taswell, Thomas Tvr.ner,i Tdbiah. Te'ape;. Richard ,Thorley, Philip Debell .Tuckelt, :WiU li'am Taswell,-William Thompson Thomas Tyers: Tyers;-William:Tiiey Henry Norwood Trye, Jenkin -.Thomas?Clerk", M arid: Treherne,: James. -Thbma's,iJohn: Hearle.Tremdyne, Thbmas, Tyhdall, 'Rowland'*? Jones. V6nabhs;HarmaniVisgar,lEdward:Vines;:Akxdnderilfn^ Wining;, Thomas Yandell Venn, William Werner Member of ^Parliament,. Sir RichardMawlmsph Vyvyan .Barbnet,':Meiriber.'ofi;Parliapent; 'John ?HenrylVivian Member .'of 'Parliament;,: John.. Vivian,,George.Wildes, William 3184 5 &6GUBIELMI IV; X^.cvii. WilUarh George Wilkins, John Weedon,John Waugh, James Websterv Sir Richard Wolseley Baronet (Clerk)/ William Wdshbourn, Joseph Webb the younger, T 0 Wetmore, Thomas G .Wedrne, James Wynh, Charles Wilkins, Edmund Waller, Percival Walsh, George Wallis, JosiaK Wade, Robert Warren, George Woodhead, Joiin Woolley, Benjamin Wpolner, Josiah Wilson, Francis Walker, George Walker, Samuel Tarleton Wright, Henry Qiiintin Winwood, John Winwood, Charles Ludlow Walker,- Richard Warr, John Wiltshire, Samuel Waring, Richard Brickldde Ward,- Francis Yerbury, Joseph Zanetti, arid all other Persons and Corporations who have subscribed or shall' hereafter subscribe towards' the said Undertaking, arid their several and respective Successors, Executors, Administrators, arid Assigns, shall be and they are hereby united into a Company for making and maintaining the said Railway and Branch Railways, and other Works by this Act authorized, and for other the Purposes herein declared, according to the Provisions arid Restrictions hereinafter mentioned, arid for that Purpose shall be One Body Corporate. by the Name and Style of " The Great Western -Railway Company," and by that Name shall have perpetual Succession and a Common Seal, and by that...

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