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Date09 April 2018
Published date09 April 2018
AuthorRobert J. Cramer,Matt Nobles
Subject MatterHealth & social care,Criminology & forensic psychology,Aggression, conflict & peace,Sociology,Gender studies,Gender violence,Political sociology, policy & social change,Social conflicts,War/peace
Robert J. Cramer and Matt Nobles
Welcome to issue 10.2 of the Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research. This issue
presents the second initiative devoted to advancing campus sexual violence scholarship, yielding
an issue entitled Multidisciplinary approaches to campus safety and sexual violence prevention.
Pertinent topics addressed in this issue span two overarching themes: prevention-focused
policies impacting campus safety and violence prevention, and novel approaches to addressing
risk and protective factors in prevention and treatment programming.
Four articles in this issue provide contextually- and empirically-grounded analyses of campus
safety and violence prevention policies. Newins and White evaluate the extent to which Title IX
policy-related knowledge and opinions among both students and faculty impact critical
outcomes. Their complex findings suggest interesting contrasts: high faculty willingness to report
student victimization, yet noteworthy levels of student resistance to reporting. Macleod et al.
provide an international case study summarizing a university response to student protests
regarding campus sexual violence policies and culture. The authors document valuable lessons
from the establishment of a campus-wide Sexual Violence Task Team addressing campus
sexual violence culture. Konradi and Graham conduct a content analysis of publically available
accounts concerning the 1990 Campus Security Act, arguing that too much emphasis is placed
on victims protecting themselves, while insufficient attention is devoted to dealing with
perpetrators of campus sexual assault. Finally, Patel and Roesch provide a scoping review of US
and Canadian policies. They find two common themes present in policies impacting campus
efforts toward response and intervention: victims services and bystander interventions.
Four additional articles in this extended edition focus on innovative work regarding prevention
and treatment programs. Hayes and colleagues survey students to evaluate the impact of online
training and a university safety system. Their findings highlight the promise of the university safety
system in enhancing perceptions of campus safety. Based on literature review and personal
reflection, Finley and Levenson articulate a set of recommendations for capitalizing on faculty as
new resources in preventing campus sexual violence. These include, but are not limited to,
faculty participating on policy-making taskforces and public health-style campus needs
evaluations. Adopting a tertiary prevention perspective, Lamade et al. discuss the need to focus
on treatment programs for students found responsible for sexual violence and related concerns.
Within this discussion, the authors provide invaluable summaries of barriers and facilitators to
implementing treatment programming. Cares et al. conclude the issue examining the
effectiveness of a campus-wide social marketing intervention and booster campaign. Their
findings show positive impacts on student attitudes and social norms, with promise to
strengthen bystander influences on campus sexual violence prevention.
This issue of the Journal of Aggression, Conflict and Peace Research is a product of a successful
double issue providing new scholarship aimed at understanding and preventing campus sexual
violence. We hope the international visibility afforded to the topic, as well as the perspectives
represented in all of these articles, help to spur further research and design of evidence-based
prevention and intervention programs.
Robert J. Cramer is an
Associate Professor at the Old
Dominion University, Norfolk,
Virginia, USA.
Matt Nobles is an Associate
Professor at the University of
Central Florida, Orlando,
Florida, USA.
DOI 10.1108/JACPR-04-2018-337 VOL. 10 NO. 2 2018, p.73, © Emerald Publishing Limited, ISSN 1759-6599
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Guest editorial

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