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Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Ltd. has announced general availability of HASP HL, claimed to be the most innovative and secure software/intehectual property protection and licensing key available today. According to the IDC/BSA 2003 piracy study, nearly $29 billion annually is lost to software piracy worldwide. With the rapid adoption end use of broadband connectivity, peer-to-peer sharing and CD burners, protecting software revenues and intellectual property is more critical than ever. HASP HL technology helps software publishers and developers reduce piracy, protect revenues and reinvent the relationship between software protection and licensing.

The implementation of software protection has historically been tied to licensing; every time software's licensing model was changed, the security would have to change also. HASP HLbreaks that paradigm with a 'Protect Once-Deliver Many" model. Implementation of software protection is performed only once, while all licensing models can be implemented or changed without affecting the product's security. New Features claimed for HASP HL

* Protection and licensing separated--Separation of the tasks performed by product managers (licensing) and developers (protection), with intuitive processes.

* Automatic tools--Automatic capabilities provide software publishers with immediate access to high-level security features

* Tutorial tools-Short learning curve for developers; Automatic generation of HASP HL code


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