HID Global Extends Passwordless FID02 Authentication Throughout the Workplace.

HID Global have announced it will support the industry's passworldless authentication initiative at RSA 2020 by demonstrating converged access solutions that extend zero trust security and FID02 authentication across the workplace in the physical and digital worlds. The company's solutions, including smart cards, an expanded USB key family and an updated cloud-based credential management service, are among the first to help realize the industry's vision for a passwordless future at the door and in hybrid IT environments spanning on-premise and cloud applications.

"HID Global provides the industry's only complete FID02 authentication solution for the workplace that provides a converged access experience from the door to on-premise IT systems and cloud resources," said Brad Jarvis, Vice President & Managing Director of Identity & Access Management Solutions (IAMS) with HID Global. "Besides making it easier and more cost-effective to deploy FID02 on employees' corporate ID badges and other form factors, we increase value with HID IdenTrust digital certificates that give authenticators signing and encryption capabilities for email and documents. Our goal is to help drive adoption of FID02-based passwordless authentication by extending its benefits throughout the workplace."

HID Global is announcing general availability of a USB-C option in its HID Crescendo[C] Key Series family at the conference. The Crescendo family supports passwordless...

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