Living histories: historic moment as the sons and daughters of Nkrumah, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela came together for the first time.

Author:McKnight, Benjamin
Position:The Gallery - Brief Article

Living up to its cosmopolitan nature, London has been playing host to some of the sons and daughters of the great and good of the African world. As part of Black History Month, the Greater London Assembly and its mayor, Ken Livingstone, saw a unique moment in time as Gamal Nkrumah (son of Kwame Nkrumah), Yolanda King (daughter of Dr Martin Luther King), Tushar Gandhi (great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, once of South Africa), Atallah Shabazz (daughter of Malcolm X), and Zindzi Mandela (daughter of Nelson Mandela) came together for the first rime to talk about the legacy of their predecessors before a rapt and ecstatic crowd of over 500 men, women and children, at the Living Histories conference.

Elsewhere in London, Nkrumah's daughter, Samia, a journalist like her brother Gamal, came to address another Black History Month event.

The fathers of these men and women were historically connected themselves, either through meetings, similar political ideology or mutual influence. The Greater London Assembly's Living...

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