How many times Ed Sheeran could fill Wembley Stadium with his Instagram followers

Published date30 June 2022
Publication titleMyLondon (England)
The largest music venue in the world is The Great Strahov Stadium in Prague, which has a staggering capacity of 250,000. London’s Wembley Stadium is one of the largest and most iconic, with a 90,000 capacity

So how many times could Ed Sheeran fill Wembley with sold out shows Well, LibertyGames, games room specialists, did the maths. If you take Sheeran’s Instagram following of 39.3 million, he could sell out Wembley 424 times over. Imagine all that money.

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That equates to four years worth of Saturday and Sunday shows in Wembley for Sheeran. The English singer is currently performing his world tour at the iconic venue with shows Thursday 30 June and Friday 1 July. But whilst extremely popular, Ed Sheeran’s figures are a fraction of other top singers, such as Justin Bieber.

The Canadian singer could sell out Wembley 2,611 times if all his Instagram followers bought a ticket. Followed by Taylor Swift who could sell out the stadium 2,322 times with all her Instagram followers.

Although not included on the original list, Ariana Grande has a whopping 319...

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