Hunting in Forests Act 1485

Anno primo HENRICI VII. Statutes made at Westminster in the First Year of KingHenry VII and in the Year of our Lord 1485 An Act shewing the Penalty for Hunting in the Night, or with disguising.

(1 Hen. 7) C A P. VII.

'ITEM, Forasmuch as before this Time divers Ordinances and Statutes have been made in divers Parliaments holden in the same Realm, for the Punition of inordinate and unlawful Huntings in Forests, Parks, and in Warrens within the said Realm, which Statutes and Ordinances notwithstanding, divers Persons in great Number, some with painted Faces, some with Visors, and otherwise disguised, to the Intent they should not be known, riotously, and in Manner of War arrayed, have oftentimes of late hunted, as well by Night as by Day, in divers Forests, Parks, and Warrens in divers Places of this Realm, and in special in the Counties ofKent, Surry , and Sussex , (2) by Colour whereof have ensued in Times past great and heinous Rebellions, Insurrections, Riots, Robberies, Murders, and other Inconveniencies, to the Provocation and Ensample of riotous and evil disposed Persons of this Realm in so offending, which Offences could not be punished before this Time according to the said Statutes, Ordinances, and Laws of this said Realm, because that the said Mis-doers, by reason of their painted Faces, Visors, and other Disguisings could not be known:' (3)The King our Sovereign Lord, of his noble and abundant Grace, considering the Premisses, by the Advice and Assent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in the said Parliament assembled, and by Authority of the same, ordaineth, That at every such Time as Information shall be made of any such unlawful Huntings by Night, or with painted Faces, hereafter to be done to any of the King's Counsel, or to any of the Justices of the King's Peace of the County where any such Huntingshall be had, of any Person to be suspect thereof, that then it shall be lawful to any of the same Counsel, or Justices of Peace, to whom any such Information shall be made, to make a Warrant to the Sheriff of such County, or to any Constable, Bailiff, or other Officer within the same County, to take and arrest the same Person or Persons of whom any such Information shall be made, and to have him or them afore the Maker of any such Warrant, or any other the King's said Counsel, or Justice of his Peace of the same County; (4) and that the said Counsellor, or Justice of Peace, afore whom such Person or Persons shall be brought...

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