I'm so dull next to hot and famous ex

Publication Date13 Sep 2021
How can I compete? I feel sick every time she comes on the telly or is featured in a magazine.

I strongly suspect he fantasises about her when we go to bed.

I am starting to feel so dull and boring in her shadow. They were at the same university together.

Drunk His best friend was in her house share and they used to meet up at parties and nights out. One afternoon he went round there to find her locked out. She had lost her key and everyone else was at the beach.

They went to the pub, got drunk and staggered back to his place for sex.

He tells this story with relish. Apparently, she was daring and filthy; he was very inexperienced, and she took command.

I have actually heard him say that was the greatest night of his life.

They carried on seeing each other for about three weeks until she finally went off with the captain of the rugby team.

But my guy continues to chart her rise to fame.

He says he loves me and doesn't expect me to worry but the more I get to know him the more infatuated I realise he still is. I once asked him if he'd ever go back to her, and he looked at me as if I were mad - finally muttering: "Duuuuur, of course!"

How can I be expected to hold my head up high (especially around all of his mates who know his story inside out) when I'm just, well, ordinary?

We're both 29.

JANE SAYS: You need to remember that you are a strong, beautiful person in your own right.

If your fella is still too smitten to see...

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