'I tried Easter chocolate bunnies from M&S, Lidl and Morrisons against Lindt and one was identical'

Published date13 April 2022
Publication titleDaily Record, The / Sunday Mail: Web Edition Articles (Scotland)
Don't worry, if it's just that little bit too early to be mentioning the big C word, you'll be pleased to know that this will strictly be just Easter chocolate

Chocolate Easter bunnies, to be exact.

Let's be absolutely honest here, we may automatically assume that this time of year is all about getting lots of chocolate eggs to scoff, but the chocolate bunny is the unsung hero ofEaster.

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'I compared a Lidl Easter egg against Cadbury, Nestle and Guylian - one was the best value'

And while there are certainly many different variations on the adorable seasonal treat, it's a well-known fact that there is only one O.G of chocolate bunnies - Lindt.

The master chocolatier's golden foil wrapped bunny has been delighting chocolate fans all across the country for exactly 70 years now.

With its smooth and velvety distinct chocolate, the Lindt chocolate bunny is arguably the benchmark for every other one on the market.

Which is exactly why I decided to see how other versions compared to the iconic bunny; that, and I just really wanted to indulge in some good chocolate.

Heading to M&S, Morrisons and Lidl, I picked up their own branded chocolate bunnies to see how they would fare against the mighty and luxurious Lindt.

Now, I know that judging chocolate may seem difficult, which is why I came up with a fool-proof plan of judging each chocolate bunny on their appearance, price and taste.

If there's another feature to Lindt's chocolate bunny that is as iconic as the taste, it is the look.

From its golden foil wrapping to its red ribbon and adorable bell, it's a look that has become synonymous with the master chocolatier and no-one else.

It also looks cute, which is what we want at Easter.

While no othersupermarketversion really matched Lindt's signature look, I did notice that each one did have their own look and came available in different coloured packaging.

If we're looking for similarities, the closest was Lidl, as it came complete with its own yellow collar collar with a love heart emblem. Though, it did look a little startled.

I will admit, I was a huge fan of M&S' purple 'baby bunny', as it was just ridiculously adorable. Even unwrapped, I would say that it looked the most detailed out of them all.

That being said, Morrisons was easily the most distinguishable, because I personally think it looked like a hare. Maybe it was the straight ears, but I am unsure if Morrisons are...

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