Improving interaction between students and staff is crucial for universities to keep pace.

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Wider adoption of unified communications technology is vital in helping universities maximise staff and student communications and broaden collaboration

As increasingly technology-savvy generations enter higher education, universities need to offer a more holistic range of communications tools to aid student learning and increase engagement between students and staff, and thereby maintaining a positive level of student-staff collaboration and interaction. This is according to cloud services provider Outsourcery.

Universities have always been at the forefront of technological development and are widely expected to bring new ways of improving the student experience to the table as a matter of course. But the movement of the always-on generation into higher education means universities need to do more to keep up with students' expectations when it comes to communicating with staff and each other.

Paul Todd, Public Sector Lead at Outsourcery, commented: "Traditionally, universities and higher education institutions have always been quick to adopt technology for the benefit of their students, with universities often being the inception point for many new communication tools. However, many are being held back by ageing legacy communications infrastructure that no longer meets the needs of staff, administrators or students, and a lack of consensus amongst departments as to the best solution. With convenience and a positive, flexible user experience becoming ever more important,, universities have an opportunity to raise student satisfaction by facilitating more efficient engagement between students and staff, thereby creating a common experience across the whole estate irrespective of device or channel.

"A solution such as Skype for Business eases daily communication through seamless integration across communication channels with instant messaging and presence, video conferencing, email, online...

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