Infrastructure Management Paramount to ensure success.

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According to Buffer Group's latest report, `Technology Evaluation and Comparison Report on Infrastructure Management', the IT Infrastructure is becoming more and,more complex. The demands being put on the infrastructure by new advanced applications and technologies dictate that the complexities of today will soon be even greater.

There is a move towards the management of the IT infrastructure for business, with the web sites of enterprises becoming a crucial channel to market. The complexities of managing this infrastructure cannot be fulfilled through skilled staff alone. The problem will get much worse unless staff are supported by technology to enable them to perform a more proactive role.

The solution, according to Buffer Group, is the application of Infrastructure Management systems to bridge the gap between IT department and business personnel within the enterprise. The new breed of IM systems allows the IT department to present its operations as a service and to demonstrate in real terms the value it, contributes to the business. Butler Group has examined the latest Infrastructure Management tools and solutions with particular focus on business level functionality. Computer Associates' Unicenter comes' out top of...

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