Introduction to Elements of Planning Law

AuthorWilliam Webster/Robert Weatherley

Chapter 39

Introduction to Elements of Planning Law

39.1 This Part focuses on those elements of planning law and practice which will be of interest to land law practitioners who may not necessarily be involved full time in planning, but who nonetheless wish to obtain ready answers to a range of planning and associated issues which commonly arise in connection with the use, management or development of valuable land assets. However, this Part does not deal with mining operations, waste planning or with the regulatory framework in the case of renewable energy (wind, solar and biomass).

39.2 This Part is divided into three main areas:

▪ Development control, planning permission, adverse planning decisions and proposals and enforcement of planning control. This area covers the following topics:

– meaning of development;
– permitted development;
– planning permission;
– planning conditions;
– planning agreements and obligations;
– stopping up and diversion of highways to facilitate development; – revocation or modification of planning permissions;
– purchase and blight notices and discontinuance orders;
– appeals and statutory review of planning decisions;
– enforcement of planning control;
– certificates...

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