Issue Information

Publication Date01 Apr 2018
ISSN 0305-9049
Oxford Bulletin
of Economics
and Statistics
Volume 80
April 2018
No. 2
Contents Page
To Pool or Not to Pool: Revisited
TIPS and the VIX: Spillovers from
Financial Panic to Breakeven Inflation
in an Automated, Nonlinear Modeling
Data-Driven Identification Constraints
for DSGE Models
Nowcasting Indian GDP
Low Paid Employment in Britain:
Estimating State-Dependence and
Stepping Stone Effects
The Long-Term Effects of Legalizing
Divorce on Children
Biases and Strategic Behaviour in
Performance Evaluation: The Case of the
FIFA’s best soccer player award
Multiple Visits and Data Quality in
Household Surveys
Mergers Along the Global Supply Chain:
Information Technologies and Routine
Solving Models with Jump
Discontinuities in Policy Functions
M. Hashem Pesaran and
Qiankun Zhou 185
Josh R. Stillwagon 218
Markku Lanne and Jani Luoto 236
Daniela Bragoli and Jack Fosten 259
Lixin Cai, Kostas Mavromaras and
Peter Sloane 283
Libertad González and
Tarja Viitanen 327
Tom Coupe, Olivier Gergaud
and Abdul Noury 358
Matthias Schündeln 380
Sergi Basco and Martí Mestieri 406
Christoph Görtz and
Afrasiab Mirza 434
Anindya Banerjee, Debopam Bhattacharya, Brian Bell, James Fenske, David Hendry,
Beata Javorcik, Heino Bohn Nielsen, Jonathan Temple, Francesco Zanetti

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