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Publication Date01 May 2018
Scottish Journal
of Political
Volume 65 May 2018 No. 2
The Scottish Journal of Political Economy is a generalist journal with an
explicitly international reach in both readership and authorship. It is dedicated
to publishing the highest quality research in any fi eld of economics, without
prejudice to the methodology or to the analytical techniques used. We
encourage submission in all fi elds of economics in order to provide practical
contributions to the literature, and to further the infl uence of economics in
the world of practical affairs. We therefore aim to publish a balance of the best
theoretical and empirical materials from an international authorship, without
favouring a particular type of analysis or subject area. However contributions
on themes with explicit policy relevance will be especially welcome and
may be given some priority. In particular, we would be interested to receive
policy-oriented papers where a consensus position on the correct policy
implications or appropriate analytic results has not yet emerged from the
literature. All submission will be refereed to the highest standard; and we aim
to deliver as fast a turnaround as is consistent with a multiple refereeing
process and strict quality control. The journal also publishes one special issue
each year, with a nominated theme and specialist editor, in order to increase
its impact and international reach.
Manuscripts submitted for publication should be sent by email in PDF format
to Final versions of papers subsequently accepted must be
sent either in Microsoft Word or LaTeX format as well as PDF.
May 2018 Scottish Journal of Political Economy Volume 65 No. 2
Managing Editors
Catia Montagna
John Skåtun
Martin Chalkley
Gary Koop
Peter N Smith
Editorial Board
Tim Barmby
Gregory Clark
Julia Darby
Michael Funke
Jürgen von Hagen
Tatiana Kirsanova
Peter McAdam
Ronald MacDonald
Colin Mayer
Hassan Molana
Edward Nelson
Charles Nolan
Frank Smets
Andre Souza
Jonathan Thomas
Michael Waterson
Li Xiaoming
Carl Singleton Long-Term Unemployment
and the Great Recession:
Evidence from UK Stocks and
Flows 105
Creina Day Population and House Prices
in the United Kingdom 127
Hong Feng and Jie Ma Location Choices and
Third-Degree Spatial Price
Discrimination 142
Doris A. Oberdabernig, Democracy, Geography and
Stefan Humer and Model Uncertainty
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma 154
Sebastian Garmann God Save the Queen, God
Save Us All? Monarchies and
Institutional Quality 186
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