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Publication Date01 Mar 2016
VOLUME 54 Number 1 March 2016
Financial Participation Systems
Financial Participation: Does the Risk Transfer Story Hold
in France? 3
Leila Baghdadi, Rihab Bellakhal and Marc-Arthur Diaye
The Effects of Non-Expensed Employee Stock Bonus on Firm
Performance: Evidence from Taiwanese High-Tech Firms 30
Nien-Chi Liu, Ming-Yuan Chen and Mei-Ling Wang
Do Broad-based Employee Ownership, Profit Sharing
and Stock Options Help the Best Firms Do Even Better? 55
Joseph Blasi, Richard Freeman and Douglas Kruse
Employee Characteristics and Outcomes
Disability and Perceptions of Work and Management 83
Melanie K. Jones
Climbing the Ladder: Gender-Specific Career Advancement
in Financial Services and the Influence of Flexible Work-Time
Arrangements 114
Inge Noback, Lourens Broersma and Jouke van Dijk
Age and Work-Related Health: Insights from the UK
Labour Force Survey 136
Rhys Davies, Melanie Jones and Huw Lloyd-Williams
Collective Bargaining
Employer Association Responses to the Effects of Bargaining
Decentralization in Australia and Italy: Seeking Explanations
from Organizational Theory 160
Peter Sheldon, Raoul Nacamulli, Francesco Paoletti
and David E. Morgan
Collective Bargaining in the Canadian Public Sector, 1978–2008:
The Consequences of Restraint and Structural Change 192
Michele Campolieti, Robert Hebdon and Benjamin Dachis
What Sort of Collective Bargaining Is Emerging in China? 214
Chang-Hee Lee, William Brown and Xiaoyi Wen
Book Reviews 237

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