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Publication Date01 Sep 2017
VOLUME 55 Number 3 September 2017
Collective Bargaining
We Want Them All Covered! Collective Bargaining and Firm
Heterogeneity: Theory and Evidence from Germany 463
Florian Baumann and Tobias Br ¨
Contract Innovation in Germany: An Economic Evaluation
of Pacts for Employment and Competitiveness 500
John T. Addison, Paulino Teixeira, Katalin Evers
and Lutz Bellmann
Instability and Change in Collective Bargaining: An Analysis
of the Effects of Changing Institutional Structures 527
Bernd Brandl and Christian Lyhne Ibsen
Unions and Collective Bargaining in the Wake of the Great
Recession: Evidence from Portugal 551
John T. Addison, Pedro Portugal and Hugo Vilares
Transnational Collective Agreements and the Development
of New Spaces for Union Action: The Formal and Informal
Uses of International and European Framework Agreements
in the UK 577
Stephen Mustchin and Miguel Mart´
ınez Lucio
Trade Unions
The Developing Role of Unions in China’s Foreign-Invested
Enterprises 602
Andy W. Chan, Ed Snape, Michelle S. Luo and Yujuan Zhai
(Re-)Locating the Local and National in the Global:
Multi-Scalar Political Alignment in Transnational European
Dockworker Union Campaigns 626
Katy Fox-Hodess
Conglomerate Unions and Transformations of Union
Democracy 648
Adrien Thomas
Review Essay 672
Book Reviews 676

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