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Publication Date01 March 2018
VOLUME 56 NUMBER 1 MARCH 2018 British Journal of Industrial Relations
An International Journal of Employment Relations
BJIR Symposium on Corporate Social Responsibility
and Labour Standards
Corporate Social Responsibility and Labour Standards: Bridging Business
Management and Employment Relations Perspectives
Gregory Jackson , Virginia Doellgast and Lucio Baccaro
When Industrial Democracy Meets Corporate Social Responsibility — A
Comparison of the Bangladesh Accord and Alliance as Responses
to the Rana Plaza Disaster
Jimmy Donaghey and Juliane Reinecke
Leveraging the Vertical: The Contested Dynamics of Sustainability Standards
and Labour in Global Production Networks
Maja Tampe
CSR Participation Committees, Wildcat Strikes and the Sourcing Squeeze
in Global Supply Chains
Mark Anner
The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Gender Diversity
in the Workplace: Econometric Evidence from Japan
Takao Kato and Naomi Kodama
Might Corporate Social Responsibility Hollow Out Support for Public
Assistance in Europe?
Brian Burgoon and Luc Fransen
More on Corporate Responsibility
Government Regulation of International Corporate Social Responsibility
in the US and the UK: How Domestic Institutions Shape Mandatory
and Supportive Initiatives
Jette Steen Knudsen
Short-Time Work and Stability
Short-Time Work and Employment Stability: Evidence
from a Policy Change
José M. Arranz , Carlos García-Serrano and Virginia Hernanz
Book Reviews
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